Pairing Wine with Your Favorite Fall TV Premieres

Pairing Wine with Your Favorite Fall TV Premieres

We love pairing wine with great food—that’s definitely our jam at Traveling Vineyard—but occasionally, we like to pair it with other things we adore, like great television! So, let’s talk fall TV premieres and the delicious sippers you’ll need on hand to complement the drama, comedy and thrills of an all-new season of shows. We asked our Wine Guides for their opinions—they’re the experts after all. Here’s what they said you’re going to need to stock up on this season.

Red Wine Wins the Drama Category

Murder mysteries, medical dramas and plots of political intrigue can be heavy. And that calls for bold red wine paired with snack-able charcuterie, cheese and crusty bread. Our Wine Guides recommend the following Traveling Vineyard red wines.

2016 Convict’s Reward Pinot Noir, South Eastern Australia

Our easy-sipping Pinot Noir is the star when it comes to crime drama. Wine Guides matched this smooth criminal with How to Get Away with Murder (ABC, Sept. 28), The Blacklist (NBC, Sept. 27), American Horror Story: Cult (FX), NCIS (CBS, Sept. 27) and Gotham (FOX). Find Convict’s Reward and its perfect food pairings here.

2015 Boombox Syrah, California

Choose our lively and satisfying Syrah for the highly anticipated premiere of Stranger Things (Netflix, Oct. 27). Its throwback label makes Boombox a fun match for this spooky sci-fi caper set in the 80s. Check out the foods that pair well with Boombox. A runner up for Stranger Things was our 2015 Ignia, Portuguese Red—for its electrifying label.

2015 Avincerre, Rosso Piceno, Italy

We call this wine our foodie favorite, so you might want to up your game and devote an entire meal to Avincerre, while you enjoy Scandal (ABC, Oct. 5), the show that made red wine a central character—and nightly savior for Olivia Pope. Olivia loves a perfect red wine, and Avincerre fits the bill. Here are some dinner ideas to pair with Avincerre.

“Avincerre makes me say, ‘I also brought wine, but this is for me. I’m drinking the whole bottle.’ – Olivia Pope” – Amy Williams

2016 State Room, Cabernet Sauvignon, South Africa

The name alone makes this bold cab an ideal match for political drama. From Designated Survivor (ABC, Sept. 27) to Madam Secretary (CBS, Oct. 2), you’re in good hands with State Room. Food pairing is essential for the maximum enjoyment of this wine, which features a juicy palate of black currant and cassis balanced by aromas of mocha, and we have some very stately suggestions here.

“Chicago Fire and 2014 Tanglerose Backyard Red! Who doesn’t love Tanglerose with a BBQ that just might get out of control requiring one of those fine firefighters to come and put out my fire?!” – Anne Heinemann

This Is Us: All the Tissues, All the Wine

Wine Guide Kisha Dlugos is ready with her Small Hours Zinfandel and a box of tissues for the premiere of This Is Us.

Our Wine Guides have some very creative ideas for pairing THE show of the season with wine. One thing was clear—they all agree you NEED wine by your side during this emotionally charged drama that time jumps around the story of three siblings and how they’ve grown up differently but fiercely devoted to one another. Here’s what to sip with the sap.

2015 Small Hours Zinfandel, Lodi, California
With a focus on the small hours of life, our Small Hours is a perfect fit for This Is Us (NBC, Sept. 26). And, as Wine Guide Jody Baker notes, Small Hours fits “because the hour always feels so short when this show is on!” What to pair? Find out here.

2016 Bella Mente Pinot Grigio, Venezie IGT, Italy
Our Bella Mente paired with popcorn tops the list for a few of our Wine Guides who are BIG fans of this show. The clean and crisp taste of our delightful Pinot Grigio is a customer favorite and one of our charity wines—benefiting the American Brain Tumor Association. So, you can feel good about purchasing this one for your favorite feel-good show.

2016 OJA! Monastrell Syrah, Yecla, Spain

Wine Guide Denise Soehren votes for OJA! because “it’s so smooth and velvety and will be comforting” during the ups and downs of the Pearson family saga. Pair our Spanish red with any of these foods.

Off-Dry Whites and Sweet Wines a Comedy Sidekick

2015 Calamity Sue Riesling, Lake County, California

Calamity is a central theme in comedy, and that’s why our Wine Guides choose Calamity Sue Riesling to pair with the returning comedy, The Good Place (NBC). Wine Guide Brittany Loveless says, “With the right amount of fun and quirky chaos in this show, Calamity Sue is sure to fit in. She’s not too sweet, just like some of the characters in this show, but sweet enough to please any crowd.” Enjoy a little bit of heaven while you watch a show about the after life!


Our customer favorite, Fissata, was BORN to pair with the return of Will & Grace (NBC, Sept. 28). This sweet and sparkling red pairs well with the sweet and sassy redhead, Grace. Pour Fissata over some raspberry sorbet and add fresh raspberries for a real treat. If you’re a Karen fan, though, our Supply Chain Manager, Nicole McNamara, says you’ll need a Merlot in hand. May we recommend the aptly named 2016 Scusami Nero d’Avola/Merlot, Terre Siciliane IGT, Italy?

Don’t see your favorite show? Let’s keep this conversation going on Facebook! Our Wine Guides would be happy to make more recommendations. If you’re settling in this season for some TV time, remember, we’ve got the wine—you bring the buttered popcorn (perfect with our 2014 Zeffer Hills, Chardonnay, California).

*Traveling Vineyard recommends that you enjoy your television like you do your wine, in moderation!

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