Pairing Wine with Apple Dishes and Desserts

Pairing Wine with Apple Dishes and Desserts

Did you know there are practically as many varieties of apples as there are grapes? And, just like grape varieties, each apple has a different flavor profile, amount of sweetness, and level of tartness. It makes pairing wine with apple dishes and desserts all the more exciting. We asked our Director of Sommology, Missa Capozzo, to share her favorite wine-friendly apple recipes for the fall, along with the wines that pair best (of course!).

Because each apple is different, Missa says, the variety should really be taken into consideration when pairing apple dishes with wine. “For instance, you wouldn’t want to pair a very sweet apple such as Gala or Fuji with a drier wine unless there are other components in the recipe that will override the acid in the wine (other components in the recipe would be fat and salt). By the same token, if we are creating a sweet dessert apple recipe, we wouldn’t want to necessarily use a super tart type of apple, such as Granny Smith, especially when we plan on pairing our apple dessert with a sweeter wine.”

Fortunately, you don’t have to go too deep into the details, because Missa has done the work for you. Here are her top picks for apple and wine pairings this fall!

Bacon Apple Cheddar Grilled Cheese

You have not lived until you have had thinly sliced Granny Smith apple on a cheddar-stacked grilled cheese. You want this Delish recipe in your belly ASAP. Missa chose this savory and sweet recipe because, well, it also features bacon (hello!). Don’t even get us started on the sourdough bread—perfection! A great bacon and apple grilled cheese recipe is elevated to bliss status when paired with our Steeple Street Chardonnay or our Caballeria de Luna Penedès White.

Apple Cider Donuts

This is Missa’s favorite apple recipe! In fact, she says she is “addicted” to apple cider donuts. But come on, who isn’t? Cinnamon-y sweetness with a touch of tangy apple baked into a perfectly palm-sized pastry is the epitome of fall. We dream about these babies all year long. When you can’t make it to your local farm or bakery, try making your own donuts at home with this recipe from All Recipes. Missa says apple cider donuts call for a sweeter wine pairing. “I don’t drink semi-sweet wines very often, but when the fall rolls around and it’s apple cider donut season, I get to enjoy those semi-sweet whites with the perfect pairing!” Pair with ourSmirk Moscatel,Hoot White Blend, or Fissata Blonde.

Apple and Sausage Focaccia Stuffing

The fall season is not complete until you’ve stuffed yourself silly with stuffing. You’ll want to save room for seconds with this recipe from Delish. Missa says this apple and sausage stuffing is one of her choice recipes for entertaining friends at her fall table. “This can be a side for all kinds of main dishes, adding the flavor of fall apples to any kind of protein or main dish. It is also delicious to pair with a wide variety of wines, so whatever your drinking pleasure, white, red, or rosé, this stuffing will pair beautifully.” Missa recommends our Perique Côtes du Rhône,Peekaboo Chardonnay, or our Three Hearts Rosé.

Now that you’re armed with a few fabulous apple recipes, it’s time to hit the orchard. Stop by our Facebook page and give a shout out to the farm you love to local for your apples; or, share your best apple recipe.

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