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Pair Wine with Binge-Worthy TV

Stuck inside? Time to wine and watch. We asked our Wine Guides for their favorite wines to pair with binge-worthy TV. Pour a glass, plop yourself on the couch, and let’s fire up the remote, shall we?

Red Wines Bring the Drama

Picture your favorite scene in Game of Thrones. Does it feature a prominent glass of red wine? Of course, it does! Red wine brings the drama, the mystery, the intensity! The deep garnet or shining ruby color swirling in the glass while delivering a perfect monologue – now that’s binge-worthy TV. Pair up this dramedy with our 2018 5 String Reserve, Petite Sirah for a royally perfect moment with a touch of sass.


Grey’s Anatomy is the heart-pumping hospital drama that will have you on your toes. Relationships, medical drama, McSteamy vs. McDreamy—should we go on? Try a red blend that will have you on the edge of your seat, like our 2018 Cucharón, Red Blend from Argentina. This is our favorite food-pairing wine of the moment so you may want to heat up a bowl of chili for this journey.


Advertising, 1960s, New York, lots of wine—yeah we’re talking Mad Men. With our 2018 Small Hours, Zinfandel you’ll feel transported to a time of drama and happy hour in the office (in this case, your couch). Watch Don Draper struggle through the high-pressure world of advertising and watch your worries slip away.


Mystery, murder, wine—oh my! Big Little Lies is your new favorite drama. Watch this female cast grapple with the drama of friendships, marriage, divorce, and neighbors. Oh yeah, did we mention murder? There’s that, too. Want a challenge? Count the number of times Reese Witherspoon has a glass of wine in her hand. Pair this “so good you can’t look away” drama with a big, little red like our 2018 Moto Rouge, Nebbiolo, which was grown south of Monterey in Paso Robles, California.

White Wines Bring the Comedy

The Office. Need some nonstop laughter right about now? This is the show you need to binge, cringe, and double over with laughter because it’s both crude and heartwarming in the same moment. Remember when Michael Scott screams “NOOOO” when dreaded Toby returns? That’s what she said. Yeah, you’re gonna need our 2018 La Screaming Goat, Gewürztraminer for this one.


Our Bright Eyed Bird, White Blend is unique, diverse, and colorful – just like Modern Family. Navigate the ins-and-outs of this fun, crazy family while sipping on something as uniquely beautiful. Maybe have tissues on standby for all of the sweet family moments to round out each episode.


Rags to riches? More like riches to rags. Schitt’s Creek will have your sides bursting with laughter as the Roses family adapt to being newly broke in this family sitcom. Pair up this hijinks comedy with our 2018 Jitterbug, Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a Wine Guide Nation favorite.

Sweet Wines Bring the Reality Crazy

Love it or hate it, the Bachelor franchise is as iconic as reality TV gets. Watch your favorite bachelor or bachelorette take a shot at love, or cross your fingers for old cast members looking for love on Bachelor in Paradise. Will they find forever love? That’s the million-dollar question. Fortunately, you can find forever love with a glass of Double Date. Will you accept this rosé?


Get your mat talk ready! Netflix’s Cheer took the world by storm, and we’re here for it. Follow the cheer team from Navarro, TX, as they head to the championship with pom poms full of drama. Pair up Cheer with our Fissata Blonde, Fizzy White Wine, a wine as bubbly and fun as the cheer team. Go wine!


Okay, we’re not proud of it, but we’re a sucker for guilty pleasure reality TV. The latest and greatest? Love is Blind. Picture this – strangers meeting to find their soulmate, but they can’t see each other. Yup, that’s a recipe for great TV. Pair this love craziness with our Fissata Red as you watch the contestants fall in love in the pods. Yes, pods.

So, from our couch to yours, we hope you are all stocked up to pair wine with binge-worthy TV! What’s your show recommendation? Share it with us on Facebook and Instagram so we can tune in and wine together.

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