Packing the Perfect Cooler

Packing the Perfect Cooler

With summer just on the horizon, Wine Guide and guest blogger Brittany Loveless is sharing her go-to cooler essentials for all of those hot, sizzlin’ days ahead!

Streamer White Wine Spritzers are perfectly portable. No glass means no problem at the public beach or pool!

Whether you’re headed to the beach, going to a BBQ, or picnicking at your favorite spot, bringing a packed cooler is always a must! With all of the great wine and accessory options that Traveling Vineyard is offering this summer, here’s how to pack the perfect cooler, in style and with some fun wine and snack ideas, too!

First, you’ll need some easy, grab-and-go beverages. Right now, Traveling Vineyard makes a fun, refreshing white wine spritzer that’s a breeze to take on the go! Streamer comes in individualized cans that are the perfect space saver to pack inside your cooler as opposed to a full-sized wine bottle. They’re light, super refreshing, and easy to pair with simple snacks that can join right alongside the space saving cans.

Traveling Vineyard Silipint® wine glasses are available for purchase by Hosts only! Hosting is simple, click the link below to be connected now.

When it comes to packing food, I’m a huge fan of including fresh fruit in my cooler as a simple and portable snack.

Watermelon has always been my go-to favorite this time of year! What’s even better is that watermelon pairs perfectly with the light melon flavors that Streamer has to offer. Other easy and portable snacks to accompany these white wine spritzers cans include cheese, crackers, salty cured meat, or any other salty snacks that you might prefer. If you’re looking to round things out with a full meal, a pasta salad would be a great choice to add in as well!

Our new host exclusive accessory item will also have you sipping in style this summer—Traveling Vineyard branded Silipint® Glasses! Just throw these super cute, sturdy, easy-to-clean silicone wine glasses in your packed cooler, and you’ll be ready to go!

Double Date Sweet Rosé makes the perfect summertime sipper. Turn it into a winesicle for a delicious treat!

Before you go tossing all of these items inside, don’t forget to start with ice! You’ll want to make a nice thick layer of ice on the bottom of your cooler, followed by a layer of your beverage cans or bottles. Top it off with your favorite snacks and a light layer of ice on top or other frozen ice packs. I recommend always using well sealed plastic snack containers to avoid any moisture getting inside your prepared food. Now you’re ready to stay cool no matter how hot that sun is beating down!

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