Our new website is all about YOU.

Our new website is all about YOU.

Welcome to the new TravelingVineyard.com!

If there were a Best Dressed List for websites, Traveling Vineyard would be on it. We’ve graduated from our previous look to a bolder, more cultured design, made complete with an updated set of features that puts the emphasis on what’s most important to us: our Wine Guides and the people we serve.

The new Traveling Vineyard website is easier to use and – we think, anyway – more visually appealing. Most importantly, it’s been reconfigured so that new and returning Wine Guides, Hosts, and wine enthusiasts find exactly what they’re looking for, faster.

Don’t worry – you’ll still find all the resources and valuable information you trust on the Traveling Vineyard site. From the wine list that gives you a full flavor and origin profile of each of our wines to the fun pairings calculator that gives you tasty recipes for foods to accompany each bottle, it’s all there.

Everything you need to make your wine tasting event a rousing success is still just a click away. All we’ve done is put it in party clothes and make it easier to find. Even our logo got a new look!

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One new feature on the Traveling Vineyard site that we’re thrilled to share is the “Meet Our Wine Guides” page.

Here you can meet other wine enthusiasts who have taken their relationship with the grape to the next level and are now enjoying the fruits of their labor. Read stories about Traveling Vineyard providing people with the means to change their lives, fulfilling personal goals and pushing through the nerve-wracking first steps of entrepreneurship.


Our Wine Guides and team members have each taken a journey as unique as their varying lives and families and backgrounds, but they all enjoy the opportunity and freedom to build a career on their own terms, making good friends (and good money, too) along the way. The best place to start is the story of Traveling Vineyard itself, written by our very own founder, Rick Libby.

Haven’t yet taken the plunge?

Maybe this is the first time you’ve ever heard of Traveling Vineyard or maybe you’ve visited the site a few times but haven’t done much more than look around. With the unveiling of our new website, we’d love to challenge you to do something new, too.

You see, with Traveling Vineyard, it’s all about you. We want your life to change for the better, with you at the helm, and we’ll support you through every decision and step. As any of our Wine Guides will tell you, being a part of the Traveling Vineyard family and marketing its wines isn’t your typical home-based gig.

You’re in charge of your own wine-marketing destiny. Whether you’re a full-time parent or executive looking for something just for yourself, a wine enthusiast hoping to expand your knowledge, or just someone who wants to be your own boss, Traveling Vineyard is here for you. Our community is full of people who love to learn and teach, and you’ll feel the camaraderie from day one. It’s a tight-knit group but we always have room for more. We can’t wait to welcome you in.

Ready to take the next step?

The new Traveling Vineyard site unveiling has us excited for what’s next, and we hope you feel the same way. If you’re ready to ramp up your sales and build your own Traveling Vineyard team, or if you were just waiting for the right time to sign up and start working from home, get in touch! The entire Traveling Vineyard family is eager to help you succeed – and enjoy some delicious wine while you’re at it.

Don’t forget: whichever social media sites you enjoy, we’re there, too. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or Instagram, or check out our boards on Pinterest. We’ll see you there!

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