My Decision To Say "YES" to The Traveling Vineyard Business Opportunity

My Decision To Say "YES" to The Traveling Vineyard Business Opportunity

“Being an Independent Traveling Vineyard Wine Consultant sounds great, but what if I don’t know much about wine…except that I enjoy drinking it.”

“What if I can’t get anyone to book a tasting with me?”

What if I am not a good sales person? I don’t have any experience and I know nothing about direct sales!

What if I can’t figure out all of the forms and I mess up the calculations at my event? I am not very good at math…don’t I have to calculate peoples orders?

If you are anything like me, these might be just some of the questions that are going through your mind as you contemplate joining The Traveling Vineyard as an Independent Wine Consultant. You love wine and in your heart, you know it is a great opportunity. What better way to put a little extra money in your pocket then to teach people about wine and have fun at the same time, right?

I am a newcomer to The Traveling Vineyard. My advice to you would be to just go for it – “pull the trigger,” so to speak! I spent a great deal of time and wasted energy stressing about the “what-ifs”. I asked my husband, my extended family and my friends, what they thought about my becoming an independent Traveling Vineyard consultant. Everyone had a differing opinion and offered me even more “what-ifs” to consider…as if I didn’t have enough already! In the end I just became more confused.

I became a bit overwhelmed with making a decision. So I sat down with my dear friend Amy who works in direct sales for another company. She has been a consultant for less than one year and has been extremely successful in her business. Her advice was this: “You should just go for it! What is the worst that can happen? If it doesn’t work out, then you have a bunch of bottles of wine you can enjoy!”

Well Amy…since you put it that way! And this is true…because Traveling Vineyard is an approved member of the Direct Selling Association, if for any reason you decide to leave the business, you will receive most of your initial investment back. You really can’t lose either way. (Editor: Members of the DSA agree to refund 90% of the Success Kit cost within the first year, provided the kit contents are returned)

Traveling Vineyard is an approved member of the Direct Selling Association

Once I got over my initial fears and self-doubt I got in contact with the Traveling Vineyard’s World Headquarters, who put me in contact with my current sponsor (also known as my “Upline”). Let me tell you, if all of the Traveling Vineyard leaders are anything like her, you have NOTHING to worry about. She explained everything to me in detail. She answered my endless questions and returned my numerous phone calls – all without hesitation. (I have to add here that I have had wonderful support from the home office as well!)So here I am…I have a few events scheduled and I am working on booking more. My Traveling Vineyard Success Kit arrived in the mail yesterday and I am waiting on my first two tasting sets to make an appearance. I am excited. No, I am beyond excited…I am psyched! I look forward to seeing where this takes me. I know that I have made a decision that will change the direction of my life as I now know it. I still have a few lingering “what-ifs” but I am quite confident that as I proceed on this journey, the what-ifs will disappear. I know one day soon I will look back and laugh about my initial hesitation and wonder why on Earth I didn’t become an Independent Traveling Vineyard Wine Consultant sooner!

Editor: We’ll follow Ellen and let you know how her first few events go!

Ellen V. is an independent Wine Consultant with The Traveling Vineyard. To book a Free Wine Tasting with Ellen, you can visit her website at

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