Military Families in the Spotlight

Military Families in the Spotlight

Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guide community has a strong connection to military life, from veterans who are now Wine Guides to military spouses who have been able to earn income from a job that travels with them.

A cause close to his own heart, Rick Libby, CEO and Chief Grape Stomper says that he is proud to highlight the military families in our community: “We have been inspired by so many military spouses and former military within our own Traveling Vineyard family. We have witnessed their stories, sacrifices, and joys firsthand.”

Libby’s father, Edgar Libby, was a World War II veteran who served in the U.S. Army.

In honor of Memorial Day, we’re shining a spotlight on some of the courageous men and woman in our Wine Guide community that have selflessly served or are currently serving in the United States military.

We appreciate your service and dedication…

Wine Guide and Veteran, Manish Mazyck

Wine Guide Jacqueline White-Tolefree, retired US Army

Wine Guide Manish Mazyck: I’m an Iraq War Veteran who served proudly in the Army (Active Duty) for 5 years and the Air Force Reserves for 12. I enjoyed my time in the military got to serve with some beautiful people from across the US… The military allowed this small town girl from Denmark, SC travel to some amazing places… Paris, Madrid, Qatar, Germany, and Holland just to name a few.

Wine Guide Margaret M Flanagan: “I have been proudly serving in the Air National Guard for 22 1/2 years. I enlisted 18 Sept 1999 at the age of 21… I currently hold the rank of Technical Sergeant (TSgt). I worked in Services for 15 1/2 years, and cross trained into Finance in March 2015. Currently I am a Quality Assurance Manager. I have followed in the footsteps of several family members, who have served in the Air Force, Marines, and Army. My dedication to the Air Force also carries over to my civilian position as a government contractor, providing support for the Quality Assurance program for all of Air Force (Active, Guard, and Reserve).”

Wine Guide Melissa Ebersole: “My husband is serving in the US Navy. I am a military spouse and ombudsman of his command.”

Wine Guide Lisa Velázquez’s niece, Corporal Jasleen Velázquez

Wine Guide Katie Hunsicker: “My husband is currently serving active duty with the army national guard. I joined Traveling Vineyard while he was deployed in 2020/2021 to help keep me busy when I wasn’t working 😊

Wine Guide Lisa Velázquez: “I would love to shine the light on my amazing niece, Jasleen Velázquez! Not only is she a single mom of 2 beautiful kids but she a force to be reckoned with. She is a corporal with the Marine Corps. She recruited out of RSS Waterbury, Connecticut in February 2016. Her first duty station was Camp Pedleton, CA. She immediately deployed to Kuwait. She is working on her business degree. She left CA in 2021 and is currently stationed in Fort Hill, OK. She has been a Marine for 6yrs! I am so proud of her accomplishments!

Wine Guide Jen Cappella: “My husband served and retired in the Air Force, Bruno Cappella. My dad served in the Army and Vietnam war, John Bohan.”

Wine Guide Heather Gabel: “My family actually has a long history of military service. I served in the Army Reserves. My husband, Frank, served in the Army. 3 of my children have served in the Army. My father was in the Marines. My Grandfather was in the Army. Aunts and uncles served in the US Coast Guard, Navy and Army. We were all proud to serve our country. Thank you so much to those that are currently serving and those that have served in the past. It is the sacrifices of all that serve that make this country great and give us all the freedoms that we take for granted.

Wine Guide and military spouse, Erica Collins with her family

Wine Guide Erica Collins: “My husband Shawn has been in the Army for almost 20 years. We have been together for 15 years and are preparing for his 5th deployment overseas. My husband is in field artillery and has seen a lot over the years in his deployments. Being his spouse makes me so proud be his wife, being his number one fan and supporter in his career.

Wine Guide Aleta Wiener: “I have Military in my family – all Air Force! Tom and Anna Stark, niece and husband, retired. Alex and Lauren Stark, grand nephew and wife, retired. Mike and Julie Moroz, active duty just assigned to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, grand niece-reserves and husband Active command.”

Wine Guide Sheryl Bohrn and her brother, Senior Master Sargent Steven Estep

Wine Guide Sandy Scott: “My father Tom Mullaney served 20 years in the service. All three of my brothers Rene, Tom and Kevin served and my nephews Kevin, Jason and Russell. All my mom and Dads brothers were also in the service.”

Wine Guide Sheryl Bohrn: “My brother, Senior Master Sargent Steven Estep just retired (last weekend) from the United States Air Force. He served our country for 39 years. I am so proud of his dedication and am blessed to be his sister :)”

Wine Guide Pam Culpepper: “My son, LCpl Trevor Culpepper is serving in the US Marine Corps as a satellite communications specialist stationed in Okinawa, Japan. His journey started in a December 2020. My son-in-law, SSgtJD Most is serving in US Air Force as a aircraft’s maintainer stationed at Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota. His journey started September 2015.”

Wine Guide Agana Glass: “I am a military spouse. Husband has been serving for 26 years (27 in Sept) in the Navy. We’ve been stationed in 5 states. Have been thru 8 deployments, 9th one in a couple months.I have been told it takes a strong person to be married to the military. It is not the easiest life, the spouse having to change her career/job with every move, children having to change schools with every move. Then there are the psychological/emotional swings of deployments with the military member being gone and then home and having to get used to the ever changing schedule and sharing responsibilities of the household, missed birthdays and holidays and the worry when they enter into dangerous waters/land. It’s something you have to think about when you decide to marry into the military. Deal with things the best you can. If you can’t or won’t, then don’t marry a military person. Sometimes you have to be the mom and dad to the kids, but you remain strong for them. I have picked up his share of the chores around the house, the yard work, putting the toys, bike, etc together at Christmas and birthday, maintenance and repairs around the house. It’s a sacrifice I am happy to do for my family so my husband can do his share in defending our country so we can enjoy our freedom.

Wine Guide Kathy Jarvis and her naval son, Nicholas Jarvis

Wine Guide Kathy Jarvis: I am the proud mom to Nicholas Jarvis. He is serving in the Navy. He is now stationed in Hawaii with his two girls age 3and 7. I have been here with him to help him manage being a single father while serving our country. Please keep him and all who serve in your prayers.

Wine Guide Sharie Pruitt: I have 4 generations of military family members. My grandfather Frank Osakowicz, served in the army in WWl. My father Frank Osakowicz served in the army in both WWll and the Korean War. My son Mike Pruitt, served in the army spending most of his tour in Bosnia. My grandson, Cody Pruitt, enlisted in the Navy and starts his new journey July 6th. Proud of them all

Thank you again to all of those who have sacrificed for our country and freedom. We’re entirely grateful and proud to have you as part of our Wine Guide community!

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