It’s a Party! A Pairings Party!

It’s a Party! A Pairings Party!

we're having a pinning party

You are cordially invited

To: All Traveling Vineyard Consultants
When: March 19th, 7-9pm CT (5-7pm PT, 8-10pm ET)
Where: A computer near you
What to bring: Your amazing food & wine pairing abilities

No travel necessary

In celebration of your incredible skills and knowledge and our favorite wines, we’re throwing a party that you can get to from wherever you happen to be.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pinterest.

(Pinterest, in case you didn’t know, is the best online forum for the sharing of visual treats, ranging from high fashion to Grumpy Cat memes to … wait for it … recipes).

On March 19th, you will have the opportunity to share, see, and comment on the best Food & Wine Pairings the Traveling Vineyard community can find – all in real time.

It’s a pinning party: great people with similar interests pinning their favorite stuff all at the same time.

How it works

It’s actually pretty simple – you just need to think about food and wine pairings that you love. You can do research ahead of time if you’re the do-ahead kind of person. Or you can just show up to the party and start looking across the Internet or on Pinterest itself for lovely food and wine pairings. The pairings can be ones that you’ve tried or new ones you have yet to try.

If you want some inspiration, check out our Sommology section

wine and food pairings

It’s a great opportunity not only to showcase your knowledge (and maybe steal some tempting recipes), but also to interact with other Traveling Vineyard Consultants from all over the place.

The logistics

Participating is easy. Send an RSVP to, letting us know you’ll be attending and giving us the email address and username associated with your Pinterest account.

If you don’t have a Pinterest account, it’s pretty easy to sign up:

1. Go to Pinterest.

Go to Pinterest to get started

2. Using your Facebook, Google, or email account, sign up.

Using your Facebook, Google, or email account, sign up

3. Follow Traveling Vineyard on Pinterest.

4. You can stop there and send us the email address or username OR

5. You can start exploring. Pinterest is a pretty fun place.

Exploring Pinterest

6. When we’ve got your RSVP, we’ll add you to the board.

7. You’ll get a confirmation request so that you can be a part of this pretty great collaborative board. Accept our board request and you are on your way!

8. On the appointed day, log in, start looking for food and wine pairings to share, and use the pinning party hashtag (#TTVWinePairings) to make your contribution easy to find.

9. Enjoy!

And hey! In case you like a little competition, our favorite and most popular pin will end up on the cover of the board, prominently featured for all to see. Stay tuned for other surprises as we get closer to the event!

RSVP soon

So let us know that you’re coming to our pinning party and we’ll get you set up. We are absolutely here to answer any questions you may have and we’re very excited to see what pairings you come up with.

See you on March 19th!

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