Introducing a New Wine Shopping Experience from Traveling Vineyard

Introducing a New Wine Shopping Experience from Traveling Vineyard

We love making it easy for you to get amazing wine—from tasting new wine varietals in the comfort of your own home to shipping our award-winning wines direct to you. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve made it even easier for you to order your favorite Traveling Vineyard wines online with your personal Wine Guide via an all-new online shopping experience.

Our sparkly new shopping pages feature a modern design and a streamlined experience end-to-end, from shopping your favorites by category to quick and easy check out. In addition to improving the shopping experience, we have also added fun new content to each of our wine pages so that you can learn a little and laugh a little while you shop.

Here’s what you can expect from your new Traveling Vineyard online shopping experience.

Improved Product Selection

  • Easy access to fun and exciting wine categories and even seasonal groupings
  • Designations for our award-winning wines
  • Inventory level indicators

Hassle-Free Shopping

  • Streamlined checkout
  • Intuitive, customer-friendly interface

Wine Notes and Fun Facts

  • Product details, including vintage and varietal—and a map to indicate the region your wine came from
  • Sommology information to help you perfectly pair your wine with food
  • Customer reviews
  • “Why We Love It” section that tells a special story about each wine

Tim Wrightington, our director of operations, is the brainchild behind our new shopping pages. He says the goal was to simplify the entire process.

“We wanted to remove barriers that made it difficult for our customers to place orders and we wanted to provide more information about our wines.”

Tim’s favorite part? One-click category selection that allows you to browse wines based on your personal preferences: Reds, Whites, or our popular Sweet & Fizzy wines. You can also select wines from some of our seasonal categories, like Thanksgiving Dinner. This is an area of the shopping experience where we plan to make things both simple and fun, so you can quickly find the right wine for you—whether you’re shopping for date night, a dinner party, or a cozy night in with a good movie and a great wine.

“Being able to group products in fun and unique ways gives us the chance to market the Traveling Vineyard experience in ways an out-of-the-box shopping tool could not,” Tim says.

Our new customized shopping experience was unveiled Saturday at Harvest 2017 in Washington, DC, and is now LIVE! So, pour a glass and peruse our latest wines and accessories tonight. We’d love to know what you think!

Need a Wine Guide? No problem. Submit an inquiry via our hosting page (located at bottom of page), and we will connect you with a Wine Guide near you.

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