I Am Not a Wine Expert, But I Am a Wine Boss

I Am Not a Wine Expert, But I Am a Wine Boss

You don’t have to be a wine expert to rock your own wine business with Traveling Vineyard. It’s true. The magic ingredient isn’t the grapes (although ours are top notch). The real magic is YOU! We give you everything you need to get started and to share wine with others, but it’s you who has that special power to create an experience around something everyone loves: wine! Along the way, you might become a wine expert, but the path you choose is totally up to you. Wine Guide and Ruby Director Tanya Van Someren shares her story about how she became a wine boss without ever being a wine expert!

Tanya Van Someren Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

Ruby Director Tanya Van Someren has built a successful home business with Traveling Vineyard.

I like Riesling. White wine is served cold. Red wine is not.

These three facts were the extent of my wine knowledge the day I joined Traveling Vineyard and became a Wine Guide back in 2011. After looking more into the company, the training, and the overall concept of a wine tasting event, I felt pretty confident that those three facts would get me through a wine tasting event and lead me to success. Eight years later, I am running this business and earning a full-time income—so I guess I was right!

At my first wine tasting event I was tasting Traveling Vineyard wine for the very first time with my Guests. Out of the five wines we sampled, the Cabernet Sauvignon that we had at the time was the only varietal I had ever heard of. I followed my notes, gave some fun tips, and watched in amazement as the group loved every minute of the wine tasting! I walked out of that event and every event after with a little more knowledge, mainly from the conversations my Guests were having, and a lot more confidence that I made the right decision to become a Wine Guide.

I learned early on that no matter what level of wine knowledge I had or what my Guests had, they were excited for the wine tasting experience and excited for an evening with friends and family. I quickly learned that adding some humor and keeping the mood light would be the key to my success. Helping others enjoy an evening out has led to a booked calendar of wine tasting events since 2011.

Of course, today, I have more wine knowledge than I ever thought I would, but I’m still learning new things about wine all the time. The great part is that my level of wine knowledge has never stopped me from reaching the highest levels of leadership at Traveling Vineyard. Not even a little bit.

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As a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard, I have the unique opportunity to create a wine tasting environment and experience that is suited to my current wine knowledge and lets me explore more if and when I want to learn and share more. I always start with a few basics that all Wine Guides learn in a matter of minutes, like the four steps of wine tasting and a couple of really interesting taste experiments for Guests. Traveling Vineyard provides guided notes and scripts to help us present these facts and give each of our Guests fun new tips to share with their friends. It couldn’t be simpler.

If you enjoy wine, want to learn more about wine, think this sounds like fun, are looking to make extra money, want to meet new people or have something to call your own, this is the right opportunity for you. Whether you have a wealth of knowledge about wine or are like me and had three basic facts down, you will have fun and find success as a Wine Guide.

Tanya Van Someren is a Ruby Director with Traveling Vineyard. She launched her wine business in 2011 and has since turned her “side hustle” into a full-time job. Tanya lives with her family in West Bend, Wisconsin. She loves the flexibility of being a Wine Guide, which has allowed her to spend quality time with her children, husband, and to be there to help her extended family when they need it. Tanya says she has created her best life—and the wine is a bonus!

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