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How to Pair Trail Mix with Wine

Wine pairings are best left simplified. Trail Mix is the best way to combine interesting flavors and pair up your favorite wine with ease. We asked our Wine Guides for their favorite trail mix pairings, and they did not disappoint. Let’s get snacking.

Wine Pairing Made Easy

When we think of wine pairings, there are always the classic tried and true that stick out. From chocolate with reds to spicy with sweets, there’s a reason these wine pairings work perfectly on the palate. The best part of these “wow!” pairings? They can easily be applied to pairing with simple snacks, like trail mix.

For creating your own mix, you’ll want to start with a base. Trail mix will always have a base of a variety of nuts, dried fruit, something salty, and of course, something sweet. Once you’ve determined what the base of your mix will be, you can add in some special items to spice it up. From cajun seasoning to peanut butter pretzels to white chocolate chunks, the options are truly endless.

Not sure how to pair your unique trail mix? Don’t worry—use our Pair by Food tool to find the perfect match. Quick and easy, this tool will pair you up with a wine already in your cabinet, or find you a new fave to order.

Our Favorite Trail Mix Pairings

Our Wine Guides know all about experimenting with wine pairings to find the next “wow” pairing. They’ve shared their favorite pairings for trail mix to take the guesswork out for you.

When you’re going for a classic trail mix—nuts, raisins and milk chocolate—Wine Guide Melissa Jacot recommends “Calamity Sue Riesling! This wine is a nice play on salty and sweet combinations—which are some of my favorite foods!” The best part of traditional trail mix? The salty-sweet combo pairs perfectly with almost any wine on your rack. Our favorites are Small Hours, Zinfandel and Beeline, Muscat of Alexandria.

For our semi-sweet Calamity Sue, Riesling, or any of our other semi-sweet whites, you can also go spicy! Remember: sweet loves heat. Wine Guide Anne Heinemann says, “This wine pairs well with sweet, salty and spicy! My absolute favorite pairing!” The sweetness from a semi-sweet white will temper the spiciness in your mix to simmer the heat on your palate. Choose from buffalo, cajun, wasabi or chipotle and you’ll be in pairing heaven.

wine with trail mix
Trail mix pairings made perfect. Wine Guide Kristen Bickett found her new favorite sweet and salty treat.

If you’re more of a red wine lover, it was a resounding vote to pair your dark chocolate or dried cherry mix with our Italian red, Lì Per Te, Rosso Veneto. The richness of the dark chocolate and tartness of the dried cherries will complement the toasted raisin and sweet plummy fruit flavors found in the glass. Wine Guide Kristi Johnson says, “I love some dark chocolate, dried cherries, almonds and cashews with Lì Per Te—yum!”

Wine Guide Robin Berseth got creative and made her own trail mix. “I made my own DIY trail mix at home! Dried pineapple, wasabi peas, sweet and spicy roasted pecans and honey mustard and onion pretzel pieces.” Robin’s perfect pairing for this sweet and spicy delight? Our 2019 Caballeria de Luna Penedès White. We couldn’t agree more!

Make your own trail mix pairings with the perfect wine. 6 or more bottles ship free!

Are you ready to take your trail mix wine pairings to the next level? Try our tips and let us know how it goes. We always love to see how you’re enjoying our wines, so tag us in your Instagram pics with @travelingvineyard! Cheers to chillin’ and snackin’. For more fun food perfect for camping, explore our friends at Overland!

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