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How to Host a Virtual Wine Tasting Event

Did you know that our Wine Guides offer an ultra simple way to host a Traveling Vineyard wine party from home? It’s true! Our virtual wine tasting events are fun, engaging, and hassle-free. Plus, you get to connect safely with friends and family in one wine-derful online space—no travel required. So, how do virtual wine tastings work? Let’s pop the cork on how to host a virtual wine tasting.

Connect with a Wine Guide

Reach out to your favorite Wine Guide and let them know you want to Host a virtual wine tasting. If you haven’t yet met your local Wine Guide (a.k.a. your new best friend), tap here to connect and book. Your Wine Guide will walk you through all the steps and options for your event. Remember, we are licensed to market wine in *39 states!

My Wine Guide talked with me about hosting an online event. I thought why not? No need to clean my house or prepare food. Well, it was a success and I love, love my host perks (20% off bottles and a few free bottles). was amazing advertising my event to my friends. Win-win for everyone! Love Traveling Vineyard!


Choose Your Virtual Tasting Style

You can choose to Host your party as a weeklong Facebook event, where your Wine Guide will keep your friends and family laughing and learning new things about wine all week. Your Wine Guide will also give you personalized advice based on wines you typically buy, and help you find your Traveling Vineyard match! Our wine lovers enjoy this format because it’s a refreshing change from your everyday social media experience—it’s engaging, fun, and you will learn a lot of things you did not know about wine!

Ever thought about becoming a Virtual Wine Guide and earning supplemental income from home? All you need is a passion for wine and Wi-Fi. Tap to learn more.

You can also opt for a guided virtual tasting via your chosen web conference tool, like Zoom. Your Wine Guide will meet you and your friends at a schedule time and talk wine for as long as you like. They will walk you through the steps of tasting wine and then give you some detailed information on our wines. After just one of our events, you will feel better equipped to make great wine choices from both our selections—and anywhere you go to wine!

My online event went way better than I would have expected! My Wine Guide did a great job engaging us every day with descriptions of the wines and fun recipes. I can’t wait for my wine to arrive! My friends and I are planning a Zoom uncorking gathering when everyone has their new treats.


What About Sampling Wine?

Our in-home tastings are designed for wine sampling, but we do offer the option to purchase a Sip Kit for your home tasting or work directly with your Wine Guide to select a suggested pre-order wine to explore and enjoy virtually. We love making your event personal to you and your friends, so start the conversation and about what’s possible for your tasting. The great news? Our Hosts and Guests who have experience virtual tastings without wine, have been extremely pleased with what they learned about our wines, and enjoyed their choices when they arrived to their doorstep!

My Wine Guide’s descriptions of the wine, the recipes, pairing ideas, the photos and people’s comments about the wine made you believe you were tasting it. I’m glad I could help my friends and benefit from the host rewards as well!


Shop Award-Winning Wines Online and Get Rewarded

Place orders for your favorite wines with your Wine Guide, remember six bottles ship free! You can even sign up for our REWINED wine subscription, and start getting curated reds, reds and whites, or sweet wines shipped to you every other month. When you shop during your tasting event, you will enjoy special Host and Guest rewards, too, like discounted wine, half-price accessories, and more.

Are you ready to book an event? Reach out to your Wine Guide or connect with us. It’s that simple. And, when you’re ready to do it all in person, we have you covered. Your Wine Guide loves interacting with you in person and sharing five free bottles of wine with up to 18 guests in your home. Cheers to adventures in wine, online or in-home.

*Enjoy shopping and Hosting with Traveling Vineyard in 39 states, excluding Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont. Live in one of those states? Contact your state legislators to let them know you want a change.

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