Home-Based Business Ideas For Moms: Making The Case For Wine

Home-Based Business Ideas For Moms: Making The Case For Wine

“I love being a mom, but…”

Chances are, if you’re a mom, you’ve said—or at least thought—this very sentence. How did you finish it?

Based on conversations with many of the moms I work with, a common answer is,

“I love being a mom, but I need an outlet!”

That outlet looks different for each mom. Maybe it sounds like this for you:

  • I’m a stay-at-home mom, and I feel like I’m stuck in the “mom routine.” I need something to do outside the house!
  • I don’t want to work full time, but I feel the need to contribute to our family finances.
  • I want a way to hang out with friends and have adult conversation (about anything other than PAW Patrol, potty training, or preschool).

If any of these statements sound like something you’d say, then maybe it’s time to consider an opportunity as a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide. Wine Guides tell me all the time that they didn’t just want an opportunity to work from home—they needed it, for one reason or another. So, why not investigate Traveling Vineyard? Here’s how we can help:

“I don’t want to miss a thing in my kids’ lives, but I want a chance to do something more.”

Flexibility is one of the biggest reasons why being a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide is one of the very best jobs for stay-at-home moms. If you want to be there for every “first” and still have something for yourself, being a Wine Guide is worth your consideration.

Our Wine Guides achieve that elusive balance between not wanting to miss a thing in their family lives and having an avenue to be themselves as women—not only as moms.

And because Wine Guides choose when and how many wine tastings they will host, you’re never at the mercy of a boss dictating your schedule. You’re the boss. Want to take time off for an extended vacation? Do it! Need to earn extra spending money for Christmas or school clothes? You have the power to do it as a Wine Guide. You can work as few or as many tastings as you would like to achieve your goals.

What Our Wine Guides Say About Flexibility

“I don’t miss anything with my kids. I’m able to take my daughter to her preschool, and go to her graduation and dance classes. With my son, I’ve never missed him walking or crawling—all the big milestones in their lives. I’m able to take my nights and weekends, meet new people, share great wine with them, have a wonderful time, and make money doing it.” —Kirby

“I’m with my kids all day—I need to be around adults!”

Who hasn’t been there as a mom—the days can be long! And so often we get caught up in our daily routines that it’s difficult to take time to focus on fun and friendship with other adults.

As Wine Guides, moms get to be entrepreneurs who take a break from the “mom life” for a few hours a week and enjoy delicious wine with friends. And by leading wine tastings, you’ll not only enrich your current friendships, you’ll meet others who enjoy the same things you do—you might even find other moms who share similar interests with whom you can build long-lasting friendships.

Not to mention that you can’t beat Traveling Vineyard’s product!

“I want to show my kids that I contribute to our family and they can have a job they love.”

Contributing financially to your family undoubtedly brings a sense of fulfillment—you’re taking care of and providing for the ones you love most. You get to show your children you have your own business that you love (and that you’re really good at)! And what better way to raise a happy, capable person than to be one yourself?

You also get to learn about yourself and increase your communication, marketing, and sales skills. As you learn about wine, you’ll become a go-to resource for your friends. Fulfillment isn’t just about the paycheck—it’s about developing yourself as a business leader and entrepreneur who is goal-driven and proud of her achievements, whether it’s two tastings a month or three per week.

What Our Wine Guides Say About Fulfillment

“I’m getting something out of this, both financially and in terms of self-goodness—fulfillment for myself. having that confidence that I’m really good at something and getting the benefits back from that.” —Sally

“I want to contribute to our family’s budget, have a little extra for fun, and some spending money for myself.”

At the heart of it, if you’re a mom looking for a home-based business idea, you want to make some money. With Traveling Vineyard, how much you make is up to you. Here’s a breakdown of how much it costs to get started as a Wine Guide and the benefits and return on investment you can expect:

For $189, you will be able to start your business as a Wine Guide. This is the cost of your Success Kit, which includes everything you need in terms of products, training, and support (you can learn more about the Success Kit here). The majority of our Wine Guides earn back the cost of their Success Kits in two to three tasting events.

Additionally, we have another layer of rewards for our Wine Guides called Thrive Rewards. It’s our way of thanking and rewarding them for their work. Wine Guides earn points and coins which translate into things they can buy like business essentials, supplies and of course wine; we also have an online market where they can redeem rewards like a Michael Kors watch or purse, jewelry, hotel certificates, cruises and more. We keep it separate from your paycheck (we know some moms put their entire income toward the family budget) because we believe you should get a personal reward—one you don’t have to give away or feel guilty about. That’s what Thrive Rewards does.

Compared to other companies that require you to make a hefty investment (thousands of dollars) into products and training, Traveling Vineyard stands out. As a mom, it’s scary to consider blowing up a budget by investing in something new.

Traveling Vineyard’s low startup cost ($189 plus low monthly website fee) is much less risky, plus you don’t have a ton of inventory to purchase upfront. You get 10 bottles of wine for your first two events, and earn back credits to earn more product. If, in the first 60 days, an event doesn’t go well, we’ll issue a complimentary credit just because we’re serious about being the best at what we do and supporting our Wine Guides to the best of our ability.

What Our Wine Guides Say About Financial Rewards

“One month my paycheck came in, and said, ‘Wow! You did this, and I’m proud of you. I can see you’re happy and you’ve grown, and I love seeing the competitive side in you. You’ve really blossomed. He was very happy that I found this!’” —Kirby

An Entrepreneurial Opportunity, Not A Get-Rich-Quick Scam

Some home business ideas with low startup costs offer you the world in exchange for little-to-no work. That’s not how we see our company or our Wine Guides—we don’t promise you’ll get rich quick—all goals are achieved through hard work. But we have seen over and over again that Wine Guides who harness their entrepreneurial spirit and work hard will have a blast doing their jobs on their own terms—and become very successful.

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