Great Wines Equals Satisfied Customers

Great Wines Equals Satisfied Customers

Bad wine is bad for business.

The Traveling Vineyard wouldn’t have more than 500 consultants operating their own home based business in 28 states today if we put forward cheap, poor quality wines for tasting events.

In fact, every month The Traveling Vineyard surveys everyone who hosted or attended one of our free home wine tasting events. Our guest satisfaction rate is consistently at 98 percent – and we want to keep it that way.

Our wines are exceptional – some are award winners – because we have a three-person team with hundreds of years of combined experience who are out and about searching for, sourcing, sniffing and tasting wines from around the world.

We work hard to find just the right components to produce, blend and bottle our own Traveling Vineyard exclusive brands. All the wines we present are reasonably priced and available for purchase from a licensed entity in the delivery state.

This is a home-tasting business. It would run into trouble pretty quickly is what folks tasted was poor quality.

Bottom line: No one buys Traveling Vineyard wines tongue unseen. Our guests and customers taste the product for themselves and decide.

Great wine is good for business, and our business is growing.

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