Go Green While Lovin' the Grape

Go Green While Lovin' the Grape

Going green is more than just a movement, it’s a lifestyle—and we’re loving it. From our sustainably-produced wines to tips on how to upcycle your wine bottles, we are all about EARTH & WINE today on the Traveling Vineyard blog. Cheers to Earth Day, wine lovers!

Sustainable Sippin’

At Traveling Vineyard, we love working with wineries committed to sustainable farming, a practice that helps preserve our precious land, water, and air. While it’s a challenge to create “certified organic” wines in small batch, we feel great knowing that wines like Small Hours and Tanglerose Backyard Red, for example, are the product of sustainable winegrowing. According to The Wine Institute in California, sustainable wine practices were developed to “conserve water and energy, maintain healthy soil, protect air and water quality, enhance relations with employees and communities, preserve local ecosystems and wildlife habitat, and improve the economic vitality of vineyards and wineries.” All this, while producing best-quality grapes and wine. It’s a good feeling to support sustainable growing and we will continue to do so! Visit the Lodi Winegrape Commission website to find out more about sustainable wine practices.

Upcycle Your Wine Bottles

It’s such a bummer when you drink your last drop of wine, but instead of just tossing it in the recycling bin, try upcycling that bottle into something awesome. We perused Pinterest for some of the craftiest upcycle ideas, like wine-bottle birdfeeders and backyard tiki torches. But, one of our top picks is also super simple! Try painting a few bottles with chalkboard paint and then using them to label appetizers at your next soirée or share fun messages with your family! Dress them up even more with fresh flowers, or fill them with candy. Before you know it, you will forget all about how much you miss your wine (just kidding, we know you already ordered more). View more upcycle ideas on our Bottle DIY Pinterest board.

Uncork Your Creative Side

Let’s talk about that cork collection. Is it getting pretty serious? It might be time to get seriously creative and showcase your wine memories with our collection of Cork DIY on Pinterest. Many of our Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides enjoy turning corks into necklaces or keychains! Cork is also perfect for crafting your own bulletin board. All you need is a pretty store-bought picture frame and some glue. But, even if crafting is not your jam, you can shop for a unique vase, fill it up with your favorite corks, and then add a candle for an easy centerpiece. The best part? When you look at your cork craft, you will remember the wine moment attached to it!

Cardboard Boredom Busters

There is no greater joy than opening up your shipment of Traveling Vineyard wine! But, what to do with the cardboard box after you shelve your sippers? If you’ve got kids, the possibilities are ENDLESS. We’ve dedicated an entire Pinterest board to Cardboard Crafts for Kids. You’re going to love learning how to create a stuffed animal ark, toddler-sized race car, or giant shape sorter—and your little ones will love playing with a one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly toy. We also suggest letting them takeover and make their own creations! Ah, now you can enjoy that glass of wine while the kids entertain themselves for a few minutes.

Love your wine and love your planet with these fun and practical ideas. Follow Traveling Vineyard on Pinterest for more crafts, food and wine pairings, recipes, and wine wisdom!

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