Million Dollar Dip paired with Grüner Veltliner wine

Gluten-Free Dip Tips

Wine Guide and Guest Blogger Cassie Fercodini is back this month with her tips on how to “chip and dip” gluten-free. From what you mix into the dip to the “dippers” that deliver all the deliciousness. Here are her gluten-free dip tips!

Know Your Gluten Tolerance Level

Preparing food for someone who has to live a gluten-free lifestyle can be challenging. All ingredients need to be reviewed before using them. Cross-contamination is a huge factor with someone who has celiac disease. A person with celiac disease cannot have any contamination with wheat (gluten). A person who has a gluten intolerance, can handle a little cross-contamination depending on the severity. For example, a shared fryer may be okay for someone with a gluten intolerance but not for someone with celiac. While making food for someone with celiac disease, it must be prepared with separate bowls, silverware, countertops, etc.

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When it comes to homemade dips, you can substitute ingredients with gluten-free options. Prepackaged dips are harder because there can be hidden ingredients that are not gluten-free.

GF Dippers for Gluten-Free Dips

The big thing when it comes to dips, is what you are using as the “dipper.” Traditional “dippers” like hunks of bread and crackers often contain gluten. While using the traditional dippers, they will need to be placed on a separate plate from the dips. However, there are gluten-free substitutes for these items. If both dippers are used, the best suggestion is to put aside dips for any gluten-free guest so there so no chance of cross-contamination.

Million Dollar Dip is gluten-free, as long as you pair with gluten-free crackers. We also suggest pairing with a flavorful red wine, like our Cucharón Red Blend from Argentina.

Put Gluten-Free Tips to Work

At Traveling Vineyard, we chose three favorite March Madness dips: Baked Ricotta Dip, Million Dollar Dip, and Cookie Dough Dip. I took a look at how you could adjust these to make them gluten-free.

The Baked Ricotta Dip and Million Dollar Dip are naturally gluten-free with the ingredients being used, but the Cookie Dough Dip contains oats, so the gluten here depends on the oats being used. Some oats could potentially have gluten in them. For your dippers and chip options, you would need to replace the bread, graham crackers, and crackers for gluten-free options. A company called, Schär has all three options and would be a perfect replacement! You can also visit the gluten-free section of your supermarket or search on your favorite brands online to see if they have released a gluten-free option for your favorite cracker, for example. Some options, like raw veggies, are a perfect solution, too.

Cookie Dough Dip can be made gluten-free when you choose gluten-free oats and gluten-free dippers. Pair with Fissata Sweet Red!

If you love food and wine, check out our Sommology tool and easily pair your next dish with the right wine, or find the right recipe for your Traveling Vineyard wine!

Please note, if you are still concerned about gluten in your wine and/or food products please do your own research, contact a health provider and/or reach out to the vineyard to confirm their winemaking process.

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