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Get to Know Our Virtual Wine Guide Opportunity

Have you heard the buzz about our new Virtual Wine Guide opportunity? It’s a whole new way to wine with Traveling Vineyard and earn extra income on a flexible work schedule. Our Virtual Wine Guide business is ideal for budding entrepreneurs who enjoy wine and people, and who are seeking a work-from-home job they can manage completely online—it’s a business in a bottle for just $49.

What comes with my Virtual Wine Guide Success Kit?

The $49 Virtual Wine Guide Success Kit has everything you need to get started fast, including a three-bottle Sip Kit to sample our award-winning wines, a personalized shopping website, and access to a robust and dynamic set of social marketing tools and training for any “winepreneur” to rock their wine business online. Virtual Wine Guides also enjoy 10% off personal wine orders, including our REWINED wine subscription. Plus, there is never any inventory to keep on hand, or shipping hassles—Traveling Vineyard world headquarters has you covered. As a Virtual Wine Guide there are no sales quotas to meet, either—you design the business to meet your unique goals. All you need is a bit of social savvy and a fun attitude to bring to your virtual tasting events and online sip and shops. And when you need a helping hand, our in-house support Cheerleaders are there to sip-port you as well as our friendly community of Wine Guides from across the country. It’s why we call our community a wine family.

Why go virtual?

When the COVID-19 pandemic prevented in-home wine tastings, our Wine Guide community shifted to a whole new way to wine—online. Whether it was through virtual wine tastings on Zoom or sip and shop events on Facebook, the virtual community came alive and found connection and fun from the comfort of home. We were inspired, so we got to work creating an opportunity to meet the needs of a new normal.

Kate Franklin, Traveling Vineyard’s Director of Wine Guide Success and Happiness, played an integral role in creating the Virtual Wine Guide opportunity over the past few months.

“We were watching the world change in real time, and our Wine Guides did an amazing job pivoting their businesses from in-person to online. We don’t think this is just a fluke – we think the opportunity for a fun and flexible online business from home is here to stay. And what could be better than marketing wine?!” Kate says.

Our Virtual Wine Guides are excelling and seeing success right away!

Kate Franklin, Director of Wine Guide Success and Happiness

We’ve already welcomed hundreds of new Virtual Wine Guides to our wine community since April. In fact, many of them have already found success with the help of our Fast Start program, a 100-day program that rewards Wine Guides with their own wine credits for meeting foundational business milestones.

“We’re seeing our Virtual Wine Guides launch fast and furiously—we’ve been celebrating Fast Start achievements at a quicker pace than ever!” Kate says. “For instance, when we compare the number of Wine Guides who joined in March and achieved $500 in Personal Volume in the month they joined to Virtual Wine Guides who joined between April 15 and May 15 (in the middle of a pandemic!) there’s a 70% increase of Wine Guides hitting that achievement! Our Virtual Wine Guides are excelling and seeing success right away.”

But, you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are a few stories from real Virtual Wine Guides.

Virtual Wine Guides share their stories

Tracey Jones-Jackson lives in Grafton, Wisconsin, and had attended a couple of Traveling Vineyard wine tastings in the past. She had always been interested in the Wine Guide opportunity, but with her typically busy travel schedule, she was unable to commit to in-home wine tasting events. When we launched our Virtual Wine Guide opportunity, Tracey finally took the leap.

“I love wine and I am always on social media why not just do it for fun?” Tracey says.

She has already had three successful Facebook events. She has a busy day job as an IT business analyst, so her goal is to keep it social and fun, and give her the chance to enjoy and explore wine with others.

“I would encourage anyone to get involved,” Tracey says. “To this point everyone has been great to work with and there is a lot to learn from everyone! Whether you make this your day job or you keep it as a side gig, my advice would be to make sure you are doing what you love and everything will come together.”

Jensen Eberhart is also off to a great start from her home base in York, Pennsylvania.

“During this quarantine, like many people, I was searching online for something beneficial. I’ve always looked into doing independent wine sales, but never jumped to do it until now,” Jensen says. “After reading about TV, I could really relate to everything the company had to offer.”

virtual wine guide jensen eberhart with her son and husband
Virtual Wine Guide Jensen Eberhart enjoys the fun and flexibility of her new wine “job.”

Jensen was most attracted to the flexibility of the business because she has an 18-month-old son at home and needed something to work around his naps and the evenings. But the fun of it was also a big draw. “Who doesn’t love wine?! My love and interest for wine has grown over the last few years and I want to learn (and try) more! What better way than through Traveling Vineyard?”

My love and interest for wine has grown over the last few years and I want to learn (and try) more! What better way than through Traveling Vineyard?

Jensen Eberhart, Virtual Wine Guide

While she is excited about the extra income, being a Virtual Wine Guide is something she’s doing for herself. Success has followed naturally for Jensen.

“I’ve had three events within my first 40 days!” Jensen says. Plus, three more on the schedule.

She uses the power of social media marketing to manage her business. “I post daily, add friends daily, message Guests, get to know Guests, recommend wines, and share wine cocktail recipes.”

Her advice? “Know your audience! I know what my friends and family like to drink and I’m sharing images and things to peak their interest.”

For Jensen, “everything you can want in a ‘job’ is there. I say ‘job’ because it doesn’t feel like one. I enjoy this too much!”

So much so, that she’s ready to take the leap to Wine Guide.

Making the move from Virtual Wine Guide to Wine Guide

Lanita Thomas of Bristol, Connecticut, started off as a Virtual Wine Guide and quickly made the decision to become a full-fledged Wine Guide because she fell in love with the business. Here’s her story in her own words.

I am looking forward to meeting new faces and bringing a bottle of happiness into other people’s lives. Being able to educate myself on the different wines and Sommology—and then being able to pass that on to others and enjoy the spirit of wine—has been absolutely amazing this past month. I am looking forward to making many more long-lasting relationships with people from different walks of life than me. I also want to be able to empower other women to step out of their comfort zone and try something new—to gain a sense of self value by earning something purely on their own. To show other women that no matter what life throws at you there are many tools and options to regain a sense of self, even if it is through wine!

Virtual Wine Guide Success Kits are designed for the virtual tasting experience only. Interested in going all-in and becoming a full-fledged Wine Guide who runs in-home tastings—maybe even become the lead on your own team? No problem. Upgrade to Wine Guide anytime.

I have had much success as a Virtual Wine Guide! I hit my Fast Start 1 within a week of launching my business and I actually took the leap and upgraded to a regular Wine Guide so that I am able to do in home tastings and sign other people on to my team. I have used Zoom or Facebook Rooms to hold my Virtual Tasting events which is a lot of fun. I use graphics from our back office to market our wines on Facebook and Instagram and I have even made a TikTok video!

I would encourage others to give this a try because honestly Traveling Vineyard sets everyone up for success. Every single tool that is imaginable for you to use is at your fingertips. What you get from this depends on your own willingness to set goals and knock them out of the park. There is always someone there to help, and if they do not know the answer they will find it for you. The wine literally sells itself! I am excited to see where I go from here with Traveling Vineyard.

We are excited to see where this opportunity takes Lanita, too. Interested in becoming a Virtual Wine Guide? Let’s connect today.

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