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Get Down to Business with Our Digital Success Kit

Our new Digital Success Kit has the digital tools you need to get started as a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard.

Why is now a great time to start that wine side hustle you’ve been thinking about? Because as a Wine Guide, you will be doing something that’s good for you while bringing joy to others. 2020 reminded us of a few important things. First, it reminded us that social connection matters. Wow, we’ve missed it dearly—and, as it turns out, we really need social connection to help us get through life’s challenges. Second, it reminded us to live every day with gusto—follow the dreams and passions we might have put on the backburner while we sprinted through daily schedules that now seem, well, unnecessary. The time is always now to do, be, experience, and create. If food and wine are your thing and if you love creating a space for people to come together to laugh and learn, then, friend, you’re a future Wine Guide.

You will learn more about wine, develop professional skills like public speaking and marketing, and you will be the reason people laugh, smile—and connect.

Kate Franklin, Director of Wine Guide Success & Happiness

What’s in the Digital Success Kit?

Okay, now about that Digital Success Kit. This start-up kit has all the digital tools you need to start marketing wine through online events, virtual tastings, personal shopper services, and, yes, in-person events when that time is right for you and your hosts and guests. The best part is that the Digital Success Kit is only $59. Here’s what’s included with your Digital Success Kit:

  • $35 Wine Credit to shop wine (because research is so important!)
  • 20% discount on wine
  • Wine 101 and online business-building training
  • Best-of-breed back office full of marketing magic
  • Personal shopping website where you get your join month + one additional month FREE
  • Enrollment in Fast Start and the potential to earn $225 in wine rewards in your first 100 days

What can I expect as a Wine Guide?

As a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard, the first thing to expect is to be pleasantly surprised. We’re not like other direct selling companies. We don’t require any quotas or minimums and you don’t keep inventory, we process orders and ship wines directly. In addition, we’re Wine Guide-first. When we’re making new decisions about this exciting business, we prioritize your needs, feedback, and ideas first in the pursuit of creating an experience that will energize and reward you. You will also find yourself discovering all of our 5Fs—friendship, fun, fulfillment, flexibility and financial reward. Here’s what other Wine Guides have said about their experience.

What about that paycheck?

You earn 15% to 35% on the wines you market, depending on the volume, or amount, you market. And, you get paid twice a month. You’ll create a supplemental income stream all because of wine! Learn more about our compensation plan here.

How to get started!

Are you ready to get down to business with our Digital Success Kit? The first step is to connect with the Wine Guide you know, or connect with us directly here. We’re excited to be your passport to a new passion (and an extra paycheck) in 2021!

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