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Find Your Zin: Celebrating Perfect Wine Moments

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Enjoying the moments

With the recent release of our Small Hours Lodi Zinfandel, we at the Traveling Vineyard are celebrating our favorite wines – Zinfandel and the rest.

There are any number of ways to honor and enjoy a favorite wine. Different settings, different pairings, different moments.

Personally, we find the last one to be the most fitting tribute: basking in the sunset of a lazy summer day, sinking into a comfortable chair after a particularly long and difficult day, or simply sipping quietly in celebration of another everyday-day.

We refer to these moments of peace as Finding Your Zin.

A picture is worth a thousand words

The perfect moment with a glass of wine is a combination of the senses: tastes, smells, sights. Which is why stories of Finding Your Zin are best conveyed with both pictures and words.

That’s why we’re starting the #FindYourZin campaign on Instagram. Use your photos and just a few words to share with us your perfect wine moments.

Post your photos of your favorite wine, your favorite pairings, your favorite glass, your favorite moment.

Let us show you how it’s done

We, the members of the headquarters team, have gathered a few of our best glass-of-wine moments to share with you, just to get you started.

Wine and brownies

I was making dinner while the brownies (the naughty ones) were in the oven and I decided, I want wine … I opened my first bottle of Oja, poured a glass, and fell in love. Eating fudge with a juicy red wine: heaven.

– Bridget Ernest, Support

Boating and Fissata Blonde

As a tired mama of a 10-month-old little girl, pontooning on my boat with my family in Vermont for a much needed vacation was the ultimate relaxation – add a cold glass of Fissata Blonde and it was perfection!

– Katie Gentile, Compliance Manager

OJa and noodles

When I first started with Traveling Vineyard, I was a beer girl through and through. I knew next to nothing about wine; I left that to my mother. Now she and I really enjoy a glass of wine together. We’re both foodies, too, so we love to cook and then pair the perfect wine with it. Recently, she’s been really into Whiskers so we’ve been making a lot of steak on the grill!

Wine and the perfect viewI have a friend whose condo has an unreal view. Last summer every Friday we would get together and have a glass of wine after work, before we decided to do whatever we did that night. It was a perfect way to unwind after the work week!

Champagne and sunshine

The epitome of relaxation – feet up, sun out, champagne in hand.

– Kate Franklin, Support

Wine and Cheese NightsRandom Relaxing Cheese Plate Nights: About once a month, my wife and I will forget about cooking dinner and instead we’ll make a super quick cheese plate. We’ll hit up the local cheese shop: something hard, something soft, and something funky. We’ll raid the cupboards for the rest. If we have apples, we’ll slice them up. Raisins and dark chocolate? Sure, throw them on the plate. Then we grab whatever good sipping wine we have on hand. Next and most importantly, we change into pajamas. Enjoying good wine and cheese in your old ratty Metallica shirt while dissecting a Full House rerun with your wife? Nothing is more relaxing than that. If we decide to go crazy maybe even a Cribbage game will ensue. (I swear I’m not 85 years old.)

– Tim Wrightington, Director of Operations

Small Hours, grilling and preparing for the sunset

Warm afternoon. Spring has arrived after a hard day’s work, getting the grill ready and preparing for the sunset. My Zin waits for me!

– Rick Libby, Chief Grape Stomper and Head Cheerleader

Find your Zin

Now that you’ve got the idea, it’s your turn. Get over to Instagram and tell us your wine stories. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #FindYourZin so the whole community can see your perfect moments. (That part is super important.)

Don’t know how to use Instagram? No problem. Here’s how it works:

1. Go to and create an account. Feel free to upload a profile pic and fill in a little bio. But only if you want to.

2. Download the Instragram app on your smartphone, tablet, or other wi-fi enabled device that can take pictures.

3. Log in to the app and you’ll be able to start taking pictures and experimenting with filters right away.

4. Go crazy. Let out your inner Ansel Adams.

To participate in Finding Your Zin:

1. Take a photo and fix it up the way you want: crop it, filter it, make it pretty.

2. Before you publish it, make sure to include #FindYourZin in the photo’s description so we can locate your pictures easily. (Did we mention that this is important?)

3. Publish it and, if you want, let us know via Facebook or another social network that you’ve posted a photo for us on Instagram.

And that’s it. It is just that simple.

But wait there’s more

Because we love it when you show off, we thought we’d throw a little bonus out there. Our favorite photos from the #FindYourZin collection will be featured on an upcoming Find Your Zin Pinterest board.

So? What are you waiting for? Go find your Zin.

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