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Fast Start: The Fast Track to Wine Guide Success

Thinking about becoming a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide? We’ve developed a simple, effective launch plan and incentive program to help you rock your wine business right from the start. It’s called Fast Start.

Establishing the right habits early on will help you build the healthy business you’ve been dreaming about—and that’s why we created our Fast Start incentive plan for new Wine Guides. It’s a 60-day plan designed to motivate you, energize you and position you for long-term success. Time and again, our top performing Wine Guides have been Fast Start achievers! Fast Start is a proven plan that helps you turn your passion for wine and people into a paycheck.

Kate Franklin, Director of Wine Guide Success & Happiness at Traveling Vineyard, has been witness to the success of the program. “Achieving Fast Start is one of the most important indicators of success and longevity with Traveling Vineyard–when I meet a Wine Guide who has achieved their Fast Start, I know that they are set up for success!”


Our Fast Start plan rewards you in multiple ways. First, when you meet the requirements, you earn either a business reward or a personal reward. Second, you enjoy extra perks through our Thrive Rewards program, a badge-based system that rewards you in coins you can spend on business-building items or items to treat yourself (like handbags, home goods and so much more)! And, third, when you meet the Fast Start requirements, you’re also rewarding yourself because you’ve taken the right steps to build a healthy business positioned for growth—that part is built right in!

Fast Start rewards are volume-based, meaning they are determined by the personal volume you achieve during your Tasting Events. There are two levels of Fast Start available, and you are eligible for both levels within the 60-day period.

Level one requires $750 in personal volume. When you achieve this level, which we refer to as “750,” you earn a Tasting Set Credit—that’s five bottles of wine for your next Tasting Event! Plus, you achieve your 750 Badge and Thrive points!

Level two requires $1,400 in personal volume. When you achieve this level, which we refer to as “1400,” you earn a product credit of $75 in wine just for you. That’s about four bottles of wine for your personal wine rack! (Happy wine dance!) Plus, you achieve your 1400 Badge and Thrive points!

We’ve found that our Fast Start program has provided a strong foundation for many of our most successful Wine Guides. Why? Because Wine Guides typically book two new tastings per event, so when you get out there and get active right away, you’re establishing real momentum. Land those two events, and they will lead to four more! Four new events lead to eight more, and so on! There’s no stopping you when you set your goals with Fast Start.

Meet a Fast Start Success Story

Ahmie-Woma Farkas is a Wine Guide in Amherst, Wisconsin. She launched her Traveling Vineyard business in September 2016. Ahmie achieved both levels of Fast Start in her first 60 days as a wine boss. Today she is a Three-Star Leader—and still on fire!

“As a Wine Guide, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Take the chance on yourself, and you’ll find things you didn’t realize were missing,” says Ahmie.

Ahmie-Woma Farkas, Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard.

Ahmie is one of many Wine Guides who achieved Fast Start success and then went on to build a prosperous wine business with us.

Get Started with Our New Success Kit!

If you’re interested in becoming a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard, and taking advantage of our Fast Start program, we’re ready to welcome you to the Wine Guide Life! Your wine journey starts with our all-new Success Kit ($179.99), which includes:

  • 2 Tasting Sets of 5 bottles each–enough for your first two events
  • Tasting glasses
  • Traveling Vineyard carrying case for events
  • 6-bottle wine carrier
  • Business essentials, including order forms and start-up guide
  • Marketing essentials, including brochures and flyers
  • Wine accessories
  • Sommology Kit–our wine education training program and cheatsheet all in one

“Fast Start isn’t just about personal volume, it’s about setting you up for long-term success with Traveling Vineyard. We’ve had thousands of Wine Guides join our ranks and crunched the numbers to find that Wine Guides who added a new team member during their Fast Start period were more successful and had more longevity in the business – and anecdotally, had SO much more fun! To reward you for adding a new Team Member in your first 60 days, we’ll give you $100 cash and one of our super cool chiller tote bags! Not only will you look amazing heading out to your tastings, but you’ll have some extra cash in your pocket just for encouraging someone else to join Traveling Vineyard. Cheers to you, dream builder!”

Ready to get started today? Let’s do this! Follow the simple instructions on our Join Now page. Got questions? Reach out to the Wine Guide you know, or to our Cheerleaders at We always love to talk wine!

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