DIY: Wine Bottle Jack-O-Lanterns

DIY: Wine Bottle Jack-O-Lanterns

Wine Guide and Guest Blogger, Ashleigh Campbell is taking fall crafting to a whole new level with DIY wine bottle Jack-o-lanterns made from wine enjoyed all fall long. This is the perfect way to celebrate spooky season, and up-cycle your favorite wines.

‘Tis the season for all things pumpkin! So why not take your wine bottles and turn them into Jack-o-lanterns? This craft is a fun and quick craft you can whip up and even do with your kids! The best part? These pumpkins don’t rot! Let’s get crafting.

How To Make Your Wine Bottle Jack-O-Lanterns

Grab your favorite wine (our customers love Fissata Red!) and get ready to craft.

Supplies Needed:

  • empty wine bottle (I prefer green bottles so the “stem” is green)
  • can of orange spray paint
  • piece of self-seal lamination paper
  • roll of painters tape


To start, remove the labels from your wine bottle. The easiest method is to fill the wine bottle with very hot water. The hot water heats up the adhesive of the label and helps it peel off easily. You might need to scrub some glue residue off the bottles too – try using the scrubby side of a sponge to remove.


Next, draw your Jack-o-lantern face on the lamination paper. I recommend using the label from the wine bottle as a guide for how big to make your face. For my kids, I’ll pre-cut the lamination paper to the size of the label to help them keep the design in bounds.


Once you have your face pattern, carefully cut out the shapes from your lamination paper. Next, remove the backing from the paper and stick the shapes on the wine bottle to make the face.

Using painters tape, tape the neck of the bottle. This will be your “stem”. Spray a coat of orange spray paint over the bottle and let it dry. Do as many coats as you’d like, I’ve found one to two coats is usually enough.

Finally, once the paint is dry, carefully remove the shapes you stuck onto the bottle and reveal your Jack-o-lantern design! These are super cute as is or you can add a set of wine bottle lights inside to give it a spooky glow.

We’d love to see your jack-o-lantern creations! Tag us using #travelingvineyard or @travelingvineyard on Instagram, and be sure and follow us on Pinterest for more up-cycling crafting ideas!

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