Demystify Wine with Traveling Vineyard Sommology

Demystify Wine with Traveling Vineyard Sommology

We’ve made it easy to get the most out of wine with our proprietary wine education designed for everyone. Let’s go beyond the bottle together!

When we launched the concept of our casual and fun in-home wine tastings, our mission was to demystify wine for the everyday wine drinker and the wine newbie alike. Since 2010, we’ve not only established a reputation for making exceptional wines that are easy to love, but we’ve also made it easier to understand how to enjoy your favorite wine varietal with food—and unlock an even more impressive taste experience.

It all begins with our proprietary tasting methodology called Sommology, which is a fun and educational approach to wine designed by Traveling Vineyard and used exclusively by our Wine Guides. Sommology takes the “stuffiness” out of wine and breaks it all down into simple, sip-sized knowledge that changes the way our customers experience wine.

At a tasting, our Wine Guides demonstrate Sommology via hands-on tasting techniques that are used with five different Traveling Vineyard wine varietals selected for your event and paired with foods you and your guests love. But, the education doesn’t stop when the tasting event ends.

Sommology Anytime

Once you receive your Traveling Vineyard wine at home, the tasting education continues because we provide a special QR code on the back of each bottle of Traveling Vineyard wine, and when you scan the code, it brings you to a unique Sommology page on our website designed specifically for the wine you purchased. There, you will discover a wealth of information about the varietal as well as food pairing suggestions, and even recipes.

“My friends and I had so much fun going on this tasting journey in our home. We cooked recipes from the website and our guests absolutely loved them.”

– Sarah Schuilenburg

The recipes we’ve selected provide amazing starting points for you as you continue your wine journey with each new Traveling Vineyard varietal that is released throughout the year—or our year-round favorites like Fissata. Even when your Wine Guide is not by your side, you have Sommology to help you get the most out of your wine!

In fact, Missa Capozzo, Director of Sommology at Traveling Vineyard, calls our QR codes “a virtual Wine Guide in your pocket.”

She explains that when you scan the QR code, you get all the information you’d get about the wine at an actual tasting—from where it grows to how it was made. In addition, the QR code is also a virtual cookbook of food pairings. From cheeses and light bites, to entrees, the QR code will bring you to a list of food pairing recipes to explore, enjoy, and share with friends.

“This way you never need to worry about forgetting what you’ve learned at a tasting, or what to pair your wine with, because you have that info at your fingertips on the back of every bottle,” Missa says.

If you don’t have access to a QR reader on your phone or tablet, we’ve got you covered. Visit your Wine Guide’s website, or our Food and Wine Pairing page. Then, scroll down and click “pair me up”, which will bring you to our Sommology tool. Type in the Sommology code located next to the QR code on your bottle and voilà—you’ve got Sommology.

So be sure to turn that bottle around at home, and connect with a new world of wine knowledge. If you’re new to Traveling Vineyard tastings and our boutique wines, schedule a tasting today and get started on your own Sommology journey!

Loved the insight our Wine Guide brought relative to the variety of wines. Amazing how the food pairing she suggested made a difference for the taste of the wine.”

– Beth Ann Kovach

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