Challenge Yourself (And Make Some Extra Money While You're At It)

Challenge Yourself (And Make Some Extra Money While You're At It)

Running a race, whether it’s three miles or a full marathon, takes dedication and determination. Debbie, one of our Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide, knows it well. Debbie loves a challenge and she uses the same methods to get through a marathon as she does to grow her business as one of Traveling Vineyard’s Directors.

Eight years after buying her Success Kit, Debbie’s on track to exceed her former earnings as a full-time employee in the corporate world. Like runners do, she started out with small, achievable goals. As she reached those goals, she set new ones, and she found as much freedom with Traveling Vineyard as she did with running.

For the full story on how Debbie started and continues to find success as an independent marketing rep, check out her profile page.

Every challenge, from wine sales to marathons, has its ups and downs. Anyone who decides to pursue home business opportunities has to ensure the benefits are worth the effort, and Debbie, over the last decade, has fought for her success. Anyone taking on a new challenge is bound to have questions, and Debbie and high achievers like her are no different.

I have a job, but I’m looking for a new challenge to try out. Why is home-based sales a good thing to try?

Whether you’re a full-time mom or a full-time something else, home-based businesses put you in charge of how much you accomplish and in what time frame. Figuring out if it’s a fit for your lifestyle can be a gradual process. First, consider setting a goal for your new venture. Debbie’s was to make enough extra money to cover the car payment. Once you’ve determined which home-based opportunity you want to try, and what your first goal will be, determine what schedule you need to work in order to earn your desired income. For Debbie, that meant starting with one wine tasting event each week.

Not all direct sales jobs have the same earning potential; make sure you choose one that has a proven and established model for achieving your goals. As an example, Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides don’t maintain stock and don’t have a large initial purchase. They also enjoy being part of a community, and mentors and teammates are there to help fellow Guides and to foster a friendly sense of competition.

Once you reach your first goal, think about how it’s fit into your life. If you’ve enjoyed the challenge and the sense of achievement, it’s time to consider the next accomplishment you’ll work toward. Can you build a team? Do you want to become a leader within the organization? Maybe you’re just interested in earning a little more extra money. Whatever the case, just like a marathon runner, give yourself a clear plan to reach each new goal, and make sure the organization you’re working for can help you every step of the way.

What are the advantages to dedicating myself to a home-based business opportunity?

The most obvious benefit is that direct sales and other home-based businesses leave you in control of your contribution and your earnings. This gives you the time and space to maintain work/life balance. Even additional income doesn’t always make extra work worth the hours and time away from your family.

But the financial reward and the measure of control aren’t the only advantages to a home-based business. Consider the non-financial rewards. Beyond the chance to make extra money on the side, Debbie enjoys the great emotional satisfaction of meeting and exceeding her goals, contributing in a significant way to the family budget, and helping the people on her team do the same. Plus, as someone who loves to meet people and entertain, Debbie has found that Traveling Vineyard was an easy fit into her life.

Apart from financial and emotional rewards, different organizations offer different types of bonuses. As a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide, Debbie enjoys the opportunity to earn incentive trips for her family. She’s more familiar with the Caribbean than most cruise ship captains!

Most organizations also offer the chance to be a part of a like-minded community. Debbie’s thrilled to take part in Traveling Vineyard’s annual Harvest, a gathering of all the Wine Guides that serves as a team-building, educational, fun event for all of our people. For her, the team she’s built and the wider community she’s a part of are some of the most important benefits to her involvement with this direct marketing opportunity.

The benefits Traveling Vineyard offers Debbie and other Wine Guides were a major part of their decision to sign up. As you consider your options with home-based business opportunities, weigh the amount of work you’ll do, and what that work entails, with the kinds of benefits you can look forward to enjoying. After all, if you can’t enjoy it, is it worth it?

I don’t have a lot of sales training. Can I still succeed with home-based sales?

Believe it or not, it doesn’t take extensive training to be good at this job. (Though all the best organizations will offer you the training you need.) A willingness to learn, a sincere friendliness, and perseverance is all it takes.

As with Traveling Vineyard, most opportunities won’t require you to know everything right off the bat. Like we said, appropriate training and mentorship should always be made available to incoming Guides (keep an eye out for that when you’re researching your options). As long as you’re interested and patient with yourself, you’ll do fine.

Now, there’s a fine line between friendly and pushy, and many people run over that line without ever realizing it. But you can succeed with direct selling without losing Facebook – and real life – friends. Debbie and other Wine Guides are lucky. With a simple “Hey, would you like to try some wine?” they’re able to reach out to potential sales. Most people jump at the chance to drink wine!

Even when the product sells itself, it’s more important to be genuine and interested in your audience than an expert on the topic. Find common ground and earnestly try to help people with what you’re offering. Even non-wine lovers enjoy wine tasting events because it offers them the opportunity to spend time with their friends.

Just remember: as it goes with running marathons, working your way up the corporate ladder, or reaching just about any goal, direct selling takes perseverance. Sometimes your effort won’t feel like enough, but don’t give up. Keep your goal in mind, reach out to your mentors and teammates, and push through.

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