Building Momentum in a New Business

Building Momentum in a New Business

By: Jeanette Holtman, 2 Star Leader, The Traveling Vineyard

The BIG MO – momentum – just might be the key to achieving the lifestyle you’re looking for.

Looking to create extra income or make a career change? Obviously finding a job or a second job (or third one) is one option. But if you already have a busy work and personal life, fitting another job into the mix may not be practical. Starting your own business is appealing since you can be in charge of your own schedule, but many businesses require a hefty investment in franchise fees or start-up costs.

MomentumBecoming a Wine Consultant with The Traveling Vineyard may be a perfect fit. Low startup cost, free training, coaching from an experienced consultant. It’s a simple business with no inventory, no deliveries and the company does all the work of product sourcing and marketing materials.

The part you will love? You’re the boss of your own Traveling Vineyard business. You decide when you work and how much. The tricky part? Because you’re the boss, YOU will determine your earnings each month. If you prefer to receive a known paycheck, getting a job might be the right decision. On the other hand, if you need flexible hours, or you’re looking to develop a new lifestyle where you decide when and how much you work AND how much money you make, then starting your own business with the Traveling Vineyard is a great option. Like any new business, you may start small but you will be rewarded as your business grows – and ultimately your earnings can be much greater than those bi-monthly paychecks.

So how do you build your business quickly? Like starting any small business, we start with zero customers and zero earnings. The key to building quickly comes down to the BIG MO – momentum. In our business that means getting in front of as many people as possible as quickly as possible. We have a natural and fun venue for that – our free wine tasting events! The more wine tasting events you hold, the more people you will meet and you’ll start building a customer base and a team and you’ll watch your direct deposits grow!

Remember that YOU are your boss, so you will be the one to set your pace, but you can use company incentives to stay motivated. Set a goal to earn a cash rebate on your kit, or to earn our current Incentive Trip to Maui. Set a goal that may feel just out of reach if you want to build your business quickly. The key is to set break down each goal into the daily activities you need to do to earn it. In the end, if you don’t achieve it, you haven’t failed, you’ve built momentum in your business and it will be easier to achieve the next incentive you go for. On the other hand if you do achieve your goal, it’s “icing on the cake” and you’ll enjoy the prize AND the momentum boost. Either way, you’re a winner!

About Jeanette Holtman:

Leaders are masters at networking. That’s just what you’ll see in Two Star Leader, Jeanette Holtman. Building a network takes time, effort and sincerity. In her case, her network blossomed over her two decades with Creative Memories, and it has blossomed yet again with Jeanette at the Traveling Vineyard. Jeanette has been promoted several times since joining TTV less than a year ago. She has quickly built a team of 32 consultants, many of whom are building subsequent teams of their own. Her recruiting efforts and innovative ideas have made her an important part of the core leadership circle.

Jeanette Holtman is an independent Wine Consultant with The Traveling Vineyard. To book a Free Wine Tasting with Jeanette, you can visit her website at

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