Fall Wine Sipping Starts Now

Fall Wine Sipping Starts Now

If you’ve got the pumpkin throw pillows out, a secret stash of Halloween candy hidden in the pantry, and you’re hoarding farm fresh apples to the point it’s gotten a little weird … you are definitely a fan of FALL! You’re not alone in your obsession. We’re feeling fall, too! Traveling Vineyard has released new fall wines, with more on the way. The question is, how should you transition your wine sipping from summer to fall? We brought your most asked questions about fall sipping to Missa Capozzo, our Director of Sommology!

It seems like everyone transitions to red wine in the fall, but I’m not ready to give up my white wine. Do I have to?

Absolutely not! Although it’s true, many people drink wine seasonally and prefer a crisp, refreshing white during the warmer months, there’s no reason to give that up. In fact, many white wines pair deliciously with fall flavors. For instance, a warm, spicy gingerbread is amazing with a crisp Viognier, like our 2016 Pebble Viognier, California. Off-dry whites such as rieslings (think Calamity Sue) and moscatels are incredible with pumpkin and apple flavored foods and desserts. Heavier bodied whites such as chardonnays are also wonderful with heartier meals such as turkey dinners, those with heavy cream sauces such as fettucine alfredo, and hearty soups and chowders.

I want to expand my palate and get to know more about red wine. As a white wine drinker, is there a red varietal you recommend I experience first?

Probably the most common “gateway” red is pinot noir. If a white drinker finds it to be too big of a leap to jump into the bolder, more tannic reds that offer deep black and red fruits, a pinot noir would be the perfect place to begin. Softer in tannins, lighter in body, and with lighter red fruit flavors such as strawberry, pinot noir will offer a beautiful transition. I am loving our new pinot noir, 2016 Convict’s Reward. It also has a fun label that would be a hit at a Halloween party!

I’d love to stir up a great fall wine cocktail for my friends. What is your favorite?

In the warmer summer months, we tend to gravitate toward cold, refreshing, fruity sangrias. As the colder months approach, however, we tend to want something a bit warmer. I absolutely love simmering up a pot of mulled wine. Not only is it a warm, toasty beverage in temperature, but the spices used in mulled wine, such as cinnamon, anise, cloves, etc., are warm spices. A night by the fire with a glass of mulled wine is sure to please! Stop by our Pinterest board for some super soothing mulled wine recipes for fall.

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