Bella Mente Pinot Grigio Supports American Brain Tumor Association

American Brain Tumor Association and Traveling Vineyard

Since 2015, Traveling Vineyard has been honored to support the American Brain Tumor Association through our beloved charity wine, Bella Mente Pinot Grigio. Established in recognition of Wine Guide Lori Stryker’s husband, Ted Bohnert, and their personal experience, this wine label has touched many lives and with it, we have been able to donate more than $120,000 to date to ABTA. We welcome Kitty Snow, our friend and Community Manager for ABTA, to tell us more about the organization and how your support as a wine lover is making a difference.

Kitty Snow of the American Brain Tumor Association at our Harvest Conference in 2019.

When I walked through the doors of the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) as a new fundraising manager in October 2018, never did I think I’d be following the loss of my sister-in-law three months earlier, from metastatic brain tumors that formed after her battle with Stage IV ovarian cancer. Now, almost three years later, I continue to be inspired by donors, like Traveling Vineyard, and their important contributions to the ABTA that allow us to continue making inroads toward finding better treatments and, someday, a cure.

It’s not lost on me that Brain Tumor Awareness Month (BTAM) is in May, at the height of spring. It’s a time of renewal and hope, of new beginnings and a fresh outlook. For those on their brain tumor journeys, BTAM can mean a time to connect with others, to celebrate their wins and to remain hopeful for more. Brain tumors, whether benign or malignant, can be cruel and unwavering. More than 700,000 Americans are living with a brain tumor now and, this year alone, approximately 84,000 Americans will be diagnosed with a primary brain tumor. But thanks to some of our nation’s most dedicated researchers, better treatments have been found and lives have been saved. And there’s still more we can do.

All About ABTA

In 1973, two mothers, whose daughters were diagnosed with pediatric brain tumors, came together to form the ABTA so that others like them could have easier access to more reliable brain tumor information. Today, almost 50 years later, we stand by our Mission: to advance the understanding and treatment of brain tumors with the goals of improving, extending and, ultimately, saving the lives of those impacted by a brain tumor diagnosis.

We accomplish this in two ways: we award critical funding of cutting-edge and promising research–to date, the ABTA has awarded more than $32 million in research grants–and we provide thoughtful patient and caregiver services, such as monthly webinars, our toll-free CareLine at 800-886-ABTA (2282), a mentor program, and our annual conference and quarterly seminars featuring top healthcare leaders to discuss the latest in medical advancements.

Traveling Vineyard has been a significant member of the ABTA’s donor family for nearly 5 years. From the beginning, you all have recognized and supported the ABTA’s efforts and, to date, have donated more than $120,000 to the ABTA through the sale of Bella Mente.

Where Do Your Donations Go?

Bella Mente is more than just a bottle of crisp Pinot Grigio. It’s a nod to a life-challenging disease that’s just begging for a good fight. One dollar from every sale of Bella Mente supports our mission. Cheers to all the Wine Guides who do such a great job of not only touting a delicious wine, but also the reason behind it. I can’t think of a more fun way to FUNraise than with wine!

Other Ways You Can Support ABTA

Thanks to all for your support of the ABTA and those on their brain tumor journey. We are profoundly appreciative of any and all gifts. Besides sipping on Bella Mente, there are myriad of ways to support the ABTA and those in our brain tumor community. Here are a few:

  • Walk, run, bike, paddle, push a stroller for 5km in one of our five BT5K Walk/Run events: you can go solo or create a team of friends.
  • Host your own event in your hometown: golf outings, game nights, cooking demos…the sky’s the limit!
  • Create a Tribute or Special Occasion fundraising page
  • Connect with Alicia, our National Volunteer Director, at for volunteer opportunities. We’ll have even more for volunteers to do once our events go live again.
  • Lastly, I encourage you to tell your brain tumor story, if you have one. Increasing awareness of brain tumors can only make a positive difference and bring about greater change. And that’s really what this community is all about.
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