A Pairings Pinning Party to be Proud of

A Pairings Pinning Party to be Proud of

We had a Pinning Party

Last Wednesday: A Recap

Last week, Traveling Vineyard hosted a Food & Wine Pairings Pinning Party. Our Consultants gathered on Pinterest at a designated time and pinned their favorite food and wine pairings to a specially created Pinterest Board.

We saw some amazing participation and Traveling Vineyard’s Food & Wine Pairings Pinning Party Board now stands as a monument to our Consultants’ creativity and a source of inspiration for those in need of a good food/wine matchup.

For those who missed part (or all) of the event, well, we missed you. But it doesn’t have to be total loss for you. Because we’re going to tell you how it went.

Hour 1: And so it begins …

We started the pinning party at 7pm CT with a very punctual crowd: 60 participants, 499 followers. (Have we mentioned how awesome our Consultants are?)

And we already had 37 pins from our early-bird participants, starting with this one:


Actually, popcorn and Girl Scout Cookies were a surprisingly popular treat throughout the evening:

popcorn-and-wine tagalongs wind and popcorn recommendations

All the signs were ripe for a great party.

From the very beginning, we had wonderful attendance. (Our special thanks go out to our most prolific pinners, including Melissa Rustan, Elizabeth Allen, Lois Dailey, Penny Fitzgerald, Pamela Frank-Hall, Linda Otto, Cathy Pender, and Christina Seamons).

We had people cracking jokes:

red wine and chicken nuggets a meal without wine is called breakfast my favorite wine pairing

And we had people – like Kristen Hunkele, Kirby Maragulia, and Michelle Beathard among others– making conversation and exchanging valuable wisdom:


Hour 2: A virtual pairings potluck

By the mid-way point, the party was really picking up. We had 249 pins from more than 50 active contributors, with even more people keeping an eye on all the delicious food coming in the door.

And as is the nature of a potluck, people showed up with dishes of every kind, complete with suggestions for their favorite Traveling Vineyard accompaniment.

We had wine party appetizers and nibbles galore:

proscuitto-and-melon bacon-wrapped-dates sweet-potato-fries-and-Rayado

Some people even brought full meals:

thai-coconut-curry-soup sushi-and-screaming-goat Barbecued-beef-brisket

And of course, there was plenty of dessert:

pumpkin-cheesecake-trifles champagne-soaked-strawberries candied-bacon

(And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what people did with chocolate).

Shooing the last stragglers out the door, kicking off our shoes, and curling up in the comfy chairs with smiles on our faces

By the time the evening was done, the number of pins had climbed to 354. (That’s 2.64 pins a minute, in case you were wondering.)

85 people had exchanged ideas and recipes, tips and suggestions for the best wine pairings, compliments on their favorite dishes. No one went home empty handed.

And you know the best part about this party? It’s still going on.

People have continued to add new pins to the board, making it a perpetual fountain of fresh ideas.

Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself. See what treasures you find.

And hey, don’t be shy, let us know: what was your favorite part about the Food & Wine Pairings Pinning Party? What was your favorite pairing? Any suggestions for next time?

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