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6 Ways a Personal Wine Shopper Will Change Your Life

Explore the ways a personal wine shopper will help you make better choices, at better prices, targeted to your specific needs. You can even stay in your jammies.

So you need to buy wine for the holidays. You make a quick mental note that you’re looking for two bottles of red for Christmas dinner, and one bottle of white (just for you to enjoy with a Hallmark movie as you wrap gifts)—and maybe a few extra bottles to give as gifts. Off you trek to the local liquor store. When you get there, you’re surrounded by floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with bottles that all look the same. You look around for direction and see that the wines are categorized by where they’re from. Okay, that’s a start. Except, you don’t really know what that means for you. Ah, well. Italy seems like a good place to start … but, what’s the difference between Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris? Sigh. Wine shopping should not be this hard!

Enter your free personal wine shopper who can save you the stress, and have you sipping happy. Here are six reasons you need a personal wine shopper—and how it will change the way you buy wine.

1. Shop Stress-free

Skip the overwhelm and avoid the long holiday lines. With a personal wine shopper, you can pop into a chat with them or pick up the phone and browse wines online together—all while asking questions like which wines pair best with roast beef? Or, how do I know if it’s a sweet wine?

2. Know Exactly What You’re Getting

Get beyond the label of the wine. A personal wine shopper will help you explore what’s really in the bottle. You’ll find out if the wine is light-bodied or full-bodied, how acidity in wine can determine food pairing, and why not all red blends are the same. Never again will you uncork a bottle and then discover it’s not your cup of tea—er, glass of wine.

3. Shop Wine Gifts That Hit the Mark

You know your BFF does not like the same wine as your boss, but beyond that—the struggle is real. It’s not easy to choose a wine for someone else. A personal wine shopper will ask the right questions to help you choose the wine that will win them over. They’ve tasted them all, and they’ve talked with many wine lovers, so whether you’re shopping for the foodie in your life, or the lover of luxury, there’s a wine for that! Your personal wine shopper will even send along printable gift tags so that you can use them with the wines you gift.

4. Shop with a Personal Touch

Shopping for something you’re not super familiar with can be intimidating. At the wine shop or liquor store, you might not always feel comfortable approaching the person stocking the shelves—even if they are super knowledgeable! A personal wine shopper, like a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide, will spend time with you and help you feel more comfortable. You’ll make informed decisions in a pressure-free, welcoming way. They might even become your new best friend, letting you know when a new wine is in inventory that has a lot in common with your tastes! Their motto? “We’re in this pursuit of good wine together.”

5. Enjoy Special Deals and Perks

When it comes to working with a Wine Guide from Traveling Vineyard, you’ll have access to special deals like free shipping on six or more bottles (who doesn’t love free wine delivery?) and access to wine bundles that make things that much easier. Plus, with our Sommology food and wine pairing, you can select great recipes to pair with your wines—basically you’re getting a twofer: a personal wine shopper and menu maker!

6. Keep Things Simple

Let’s be honest, even though we might be home more often these days, our busy lifestyles have not really changed. Some of the running around we used to do has been replaced by things like being a remote school assistant and cooking more meals at home. Placing a wine order that meets your needs and only takes a few minutes, all while never getting out of your jammies? That’s the stuff our 2020 dreams are made of.

Get started with your personal wine shopper today! Contact us and we’ll introduce you to your new wine connection. Place wine orders before December 13 for a wine-derful holiday!

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