5 Simple New Year’s Eve Appetizer and Wine Pairings

5 Simple New Year’s Eve Appetizer and Wine Pairings

Keep things cozy and classy this New Year’s Eve with wine and appetizer pairings you can sip and snack on all evening long. Our Director of Sommology, Missa Capozzo, has chosen five simple appetizer recipes to add to your menu, along with her suggestions for wine pairings from Traveling Vineyard—so you can skip the little black dress and enjoy the night in your favorite jammies and fuzzy socks.

Charcuterie Board
charcuterie board and wine

A charcuterie board is a super easy and wholly satisfying appetizer choice for New Year’s Eve! Pair with a great red wine, like our 5 String Partner’s Reserve Petite Sirah.

A charcuterie board, pronounced “shar-koo-duh-ree,” typically features meats like sausage, prosciutto and other snackables, as well as foods that are complementary to those meats, like cheeses, fruit spreads, bread and nuts. Your board can be as simple or as abundant as you like! Missa recommends our 5 String Partner’s Reserve Petite Sirah, a premium red, as the ideal pairing for your charcuterie board. “Petite Sirah shows flavors of black pepper, spice, licorice, and darker fruits such as blackberries and blueberries. These flavors are perfect complements to a variety of meats, cheeses, nuts, and jams you will find on a charcuterie board.” She adds that not only is this appetizer “delicious and visually pleasing, but it’s super easy to make—no cooking required!”

Find a great how-to about creating a charcuterie board on The Roasted Root.
Pair with: 5 String Partner’s Reserve Petite Sirah

Apple Pie Baked Brie

“This scrumptious, yet simple offering has a little something for everyone … a creamy, satisfying texture of brie, the sweet apple pie flavors over salty cheese, and a flaky crust. This recipe was made for our fizzy, festive Fissata Blonde,” Missa says. “Ring in the new year with bubbles and brie!”

Check out the recipe for Apple Pie Baked Brie on The Cookie Rookie.
Pair with: Fissata Blonde

Learn more about how we match simple recipes with the perfect wine using Traveling Vineyard’s unique Sommology.

Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms

You could order in pizza on New Year’s Eve, but why not shake things up a bit? Missa calls this no-crust recipe, “Savory, salty, and earthy all in one bite!” These bite-sized appetizers provide all the flavors of mushroom pizza without the heavy carbs, or even the need for two hands, she says. “Pizza stuffed mushrooms are begging to be paired with the finest Italian wine we offer, our Armatura Montepulciano Cabernet Sauvignon blend.” Armatura was recently named a Gold buy, by Tastings.com, which means it comes Highly Recommended by judges at the Beverage Testing Institute.

Check out the recipe for Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms on Delish.
Pair with: Armatura Marche Rosso

Confetti Cookie Dough Ball

“Who said appetizers can’t be dessert and dessert can’t be an appetizer?” Missa says. “This festive Confetti Cookie Dough Ball, served with Nilla wafers, graham crackers, or shortbread cookies is sure to please that sweet tooth. Make it a home run by pairing this fun dessert dip with our fizzy Fissata Red.” Our Fissata Red lovers will be in NYE bliss with their fave sweet red in hand, and this cookie-inspired pairing.

Check out the recipe for Confetti Cookie Dough Ball on Delish.
Pair with: Fissata Red

Sweet & Salty Feta Cubes

“Sweet and salty is an incredibly satisfying combination of flavors. The salty flavor and semi-firm texture of the feta coated with a sweet honey and salty, crunchy pistachios give this super simple bite-sized appetizer huge flavor and lots of character,” Missa says. “These delights are best paired with a variety of white wines, from dry to sweet, such as our Fil Dore Pinot Gris or our sweeter Hoot Symphony/Moscato.”

Check out the recipe for Sweet & Salty Feta Cubes by Country Living.
Pair with: Fil Doré Pinot Gris, Hoot White Blend

Ready to cozy up on the couch with these fab snacks and wine? Us, too. Take it to the next level in the new year and book a guided in-home wine tasting with a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide for the new year! We’ll teach you some of the simple secrets to demystifying wine and pairing wine at home.

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