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5 Reasons to Choose Traveling Vineyard for Your Wine Tasting

If you’re thinking about hosting a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting, you might be wondering what all the buzz is about. We can’t wait to tell you! Here are five reasons why Traveling Vineyard wine tastings are top shelf.

Reason # 1: 5 Free Bottles—and Beyond

Believe it or not, your first Host Reward kicks in immediately when you Host with us! Your Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide brings five free bottles of wine to share with you and your Guests at no cost to you. No fine print, just free wine!

Our wine tastings are free because we firmly believe that the try-before-you-buy concept is so important when it comes to buying wine. Every wine lover—and wine newbie—has different likes and dislikes, and no two wines are alike. A California Pinot Noir is not the same as a French Pinot Noir. So, the opportunity to sample, pair and learn about five different wines, allows you and your Guests to discover the perfect wine and to be sure you’re stacking your rack with wines you know and love.

Our 5 Free Bottles Host Reward is an awesome benefit to Hosting a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting event, but the rewards don’t stop there. Our Hosts also enjoy the opportunity to earn additional complimentary bottles, discounted wine and wine accessories, and exclusive Host items throughout the year.

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Reason #2: Award-Winning Wines at Budget-Friendly Prices Shipped to Your Home

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Traveling Vineyard wines are made exclusively for our wine loving customers, and cannot be found anywhere else. From our wildly popular Fissata Sweet Red to our premium, award-winning reds and whites—your Wine Guide will introduce you to varietals that will “wow” you.

Throughout the year, we source our wines from vineyards across the globe—from the Napa Valley to the Rhône Valley, from South America to Australia. Our expert winemaker works tirelessly to provide our wine lovers with familiar varietals and unique varietals that showcase a spectrum of wines from around the world.

It was a great experience and I had a wonderful time! Great wines and great prices!

Suzanne, Host

Each year, we are proud to submit our wines for review in the World Wine Championships and earn the recognition of Gold, Silver and Bronze on a regular basis. Our award-winners are featured on our shopping pages so you can easily locate our top-rated wines.

At your wine tasting, your Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide will share our wines with you and your Guests in the comfort of your own home, while introducing you to the four steps of wine tasting and the distinct flavor profiles of each of the five wines in your complimentary tasting set. As the Host, you have the option to create a pairing menu that your Wine Guide will match to the wines in your tasting set—with the goal of enhancing the flavor profiles of the wines. Your menu can be as simple as popcorn or as elaborate as a wine dinner—that’s up to you!

You and your Guests can purchase the wines you enjoy most via your Wine Guide at budget-friendly prices that range from $15 to $30—and these prices are before any Host discounts are applied! We’re also extremely proud to offer competitive shipping rates as low as $12.95 for up to $225 of wine, with packages shipped direct-to-consumer in 39 states. We even offer a discounted shipping rate of $9.95 per person when your Guests decide to ship-to-Host. REWINED wine subscription offers the best value in shipping—as low as $5.95 for our 6-16 bottle bimonthly subscriptions.>

As a busy education, I use these tastings as a way to reconnect with my friends as well as to engage in mindfulness in the moment.

Tamara, Host

Reason #3: 98% Satisfaction Rating and Over 8,000 Five-Star Reviews Available Online

Wine Guide shows how to assess the color of wine

We invite our Hosts to tell us how we’re doing via public, online reviews posted directly to the Traveling Vineyard website. It’s important to us to read our Hosts’ feedback and continually improve the Traveling Vineyard experience. We’re extremely proud of the more than 8,000 five-star reviews that have been left on our website! We have a 98% satisfaction rating among Hosts and Guests, like Host Wendy who left this review about her wine tasting:

“Rebecca was my Wine Guide and she made the party fun. So much fun, in fact, that I scheduled my own party for the very next week. My guests loved the party as much as I loved the one I was invited to. We are all wine drinkers, but we all learned things we never knew. What a fun way to taste and buy wine!”

Host Liz shared her experience in this five-star review:

“For me, as the Host, it was super easy. I just put out some food for my guests and Sabrina did just about everything else. It was fun and stress-free.”

Host Achia pointed out one of our favorite aspects of a tasting, the fun!

“I was greatly appreciative of the pleasure to be a part of a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting. It was my first tasting and my Guests and I had an amazing time; with a marvelous Wine Guide. I would recommend this event to everyone. Great fun, laughs, wine, and information.”

Men love the Traveling Vineyard experience, too. (Think Couples Night!) Here’s Bill’s review:

“I was nervous about hosting a tasting, but Judy our Wine Guide took all the guesswork out of it. She guided me on the food pairings, and the tasting was a hit. My friends and relatives now think I am this cool guy who is wine savvy. It was a fun afternoon filled with good wine and good food, and Judy kept us upbeat and laughing. She claims she is passionate about wines and it shows. I got several emails from my guests the next day saying how much they enjoyed the tasting. Can’t wait to do my next one this summer.”

There are thousands of reviews like these available on our website, and we are incredibly grateful for the kind words. We love to hear that the passion we have for wine—and for providing our Hosts and Guests with an event that goes beyond the typical wine tasting—is making a positive impact in the world of direct selling.

Stop by our reviews page and get to know us better! Find out why other Hosts have fallen in love with our unique direct selling parties—and our products.

Reason #4: Fun and Unforgettable Events

Wine Guide entertaining guests at a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting party

So, now you’ve read some of the reviews and you’re starting to understand why we call our wine tasting events “sipsational,” right? Well, it’s time for us to reveal the X-factor that makes a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting one of the most memorable and fun direct selling parties out there, and what sets us apart from other companies who offer wine tastings—it’s the experience.

You’ll receive personal attention from your professional, dedicated Wine Guide as you plan for your party, from what foods will pair best with your tasting set to total event management online.

From first contact to the delicious end, it was a great pairing of minds. made my job of sending invitations to guests and choosing the right snacks and appetizers easy! My husband and guests were highly impressed with the food and the samples, and showed their love of great wine with their orders and future bookings.

Jan, Host

At your event, you and your Guests will experience wine education delivered in a fun and entertaining way. We often hear that our Hosts and Guests have learned more about wine at our tastings than they have at Napa Valley winery tastings—information they can use when they’re choosing wine at a restaurant, or just to impress friends. Some Hosts and Guests love the learning aspect so much that they decide to become Wine Guides!

We often hear that our Hosts and Guests have learned more about wine at our tastings than they have at Napa Valley winery tastings.

If you follow us on social media—on Facebook or Instagram—you might have heard us use the phrase “wine bestie.” It refers to the relationship Hosts and Guests form with their Wine Guide! Wine tasting is a social experience, and over a two-hour wine tasting party, friendships blossom. Hosts become repeat Hosts because they love spending time with their Wine Guide and Guests and learning about new wines every time they get together. Whether it’s a summer wine tasting on the patio or a holiday-themed wine tasting that helps you stock up on wines for entertaining—the value of a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting only increases over time. After all, it’s wine. It’s fun, it’s social—and it’s already on your grocery list. Why not make buying wine an experience?

Reason #5: Unique Food & Wine Pairing “Sommology” Available on Every Bottle!

Table decor and a bottle of wine with two glasses

When we launched the concept of our casual and fun in-home wine tastings, our mission was to demystify wine for the everyday wine drinker and the wine newbie alike. Since 2010, we’ve not only established a reputation for making exceptional wines that are easy to love, but we’ve also made it easier to understand how to enjoy your favorite wines with food—and unlock an even more impressive taste experience.

It all begins with our proprietary tasting methodology called Sommology, which is a fun and educational approach to wine designed by Traveling Vineyard and used exclusively by our Wine Guides. Sommology takes the “stuffiness” out of wine and breaks it all down into simple, sip-sized knowledge that changes the way our customers experience wine.

You never need to worry about forgetting what you’ve learned at a tasting, or what to pair with your wine, because you have that info at your fingertips on the back of every bottle.

Rick Libby, Chief grape stomper, traveling vineyard

At a tasting, our Wine Guides demonstrate Sommology via hands-on tasting techniques that are used with five different Traveling Vineyard wines selected for your event and paired with foods you and your Guests love. But, the education doesn’t stop when the tasting event ends.

Once you receive your Traveling Vineyard wine at home, the tasting education continues via a special QR code on the back of each bottle of Traveling Vineyard wine, and when you scan the code, it brings you to a unique Sommology page on our website designed specifically for the wine you purchased. There, you will discover a wealth of information about the varietal as well as food pairing suggestions, and even recipes.

Host a Tasting

There you have it! Hosting a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting is easy, fun and inexpensive—and we have the rave reviews to prove it. Discover your personal wine preferences while enjoying a night of laughter and valuable wine wisdom with a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide. Submit a Host inquiry today!

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