5 BBQ Sauces to Pair with Wine

5 BBQ Sauces to Pair with Wine

It’s peak grilling season, wine lovers! Time to spice things up (or sweeten the deal) with 5 BBQ sauces to pair with wine. These mouthwatering sauce pairings were selected by our Director of Sommology, Missa Capozzo, who, having lived in New Orleans, knows a thing or two about BBQ. Are you ready to brush up on your BBQ and wine combos? Then, let’s get sauced!

1. Jamaican Jerk
“The heat of Jamaican Jerk spices beg for a touch of sweetness in a wine, such as an off dry Riesling or even a Moscatel. We have a beautiful selection of wines that fit the bill, including Calamity Sue Riesling, Caballeria de Luna Spanish White Blend, Smirk Moscatel, and Hoot Muscat of Alexandria.”

We love this recipe for Jamaican Jerk Chicken from Food & Wine, that features warm spices and chili peppers.

2. Bacon Molasses
“Bacon Molasses spice rubs and sauces are a tasteful twist on traditional barbeque flavors. The smoky yet salty qualities of the bacon combined with the subtle sweetness of molasses make this a fabulous pairing for a variety of wines, such as Marula Pinotage and OJA! Monastrell/Syrah blend.”

Bacon molasses spice rub is easy to find at your local market in the spice aisle. Feeling ambitious? Try your hand at making your own spice rub with these tips from Southern Living.

3. Mesquite
“Mesquite seasoning gives your meat a lovely smoky flavor, and a tried-and-true pairing is smoke with oak. Our Small Hours Zinfandel has the perfect balance of oak and jammy red fruit that’s sure to please the palate when paired with grilled Mesquite flavors.”

Ribs, you have met your match—and it is a red, red wine.

5 BBQ Sauces to Pair with Wine

Tanglerose Backyard Red was made for the grill! It pairs well with Kansas City BBQ and your best friends. Photo by Ashleigh Campbell.

4. Kansas City BBQ
“Our Tanglerose Backyard Red was crafted with BBQ in mind, and Kansas City BBQ sauce provides the ideal combination of tang, sweetness, smoke, and acidity to express exactly what Tanglerose was meant for.”

That makes it one of our top BBQ sauces to pair with wine! This recipe from Food Network showcases the tangy tomato base, smoky paprika notes and brown sugar sweetness of a good Kansas City sauce. Like Tanglerose, it blends the best of the best.

5. Chipotle
“Both a softly oaked Chardonnay such as Zeffer Hills and a crisp, refreshing unoaked Chardonnay such as Steeple Street will compliment the zesty spice of chipotle. Prefer a red? Opt for a juicy red wine with softer tannins, such as Activist Syrah or Luxx Merlot.”

Douse anything from tofu to chicken wings in this kicky chipotle sauce from Sunset Magazine. Paired with one of our premium reds? That’s hot.

Which sauce scores points with you? Stop by our Facebook page and let us know. Or, share a saucy secret of your own. Cheers to mastering the art of the grill and chill all summer long!

Featured Image Credit: Carnivore Style | Link: https:https://carnivorestyle.com/blog/

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