Fissata with Valentine candy

4 Ways to Enjoy Fissata Sweet Red in February

Obsessed with our best-selling Fissata Sweet Red? From that first burst of fruity flavor to the tickle of the bubbles, this cherry red treat has been winning over our wine lovers for more than 10 years. Like some kind of wine superhero, she just won’t quit. So, in honor of our beloved Fissata Sweet Red, we’re sharing four ways to enjoy Fissata all month long.

Galentine’s Day Grapeness

Grab the gals in your quarantine pod and pop the top on Fissata for Galentine’s Day, which is celebrated on February 13. If you’re a fan of the sitcom “Parks and Recreation,” you know how this all got started. Character Leslie Knope proclaimed Galentine’s Day to be her favorite holiday, complete with nom-nom waffles and gifting among girlfriends. Add some Fissata Sweet Red, and this whole Galentine’s Day thing is sounding really good. Here is a waffle recipe we love, based on Traveling Vineyard’s somm science, Sommology.

Self-Care Saturday with Sparkle

This one calls for solitude and super-chilled Fissata Sweet Red. Here’s the game plan: Send everyone out of the house for the afternoon. (Trust us, they’ll be just fine.) Mix up a DIY face mask with Greek yogurt and honey. Draw a warm bubble bath. Apply your hydrating honey-yogurt mask. Finally, sip Fissata while you soak. Be sure and set the mood with your favorite podcast, like “Unlocking Us” by Brené Brown on Parcast, or with some totally retro love songs like the “80s Love Songs” channel on Spotify.

RomCom Movie Marathon & Munchies

What’s your favorite romantic comedy? I bet it’s that one with Meg Ryan. No? Oh, then it’s definitely that one with Reese Witherspoon. Jennifer Lopez? All classic choices, and definitely Fissata-approved. But, if you’re seeking to meet a new romcom for your movie marathon, check out “The Photograph” on Netflix and “Sylvie’s Love” on Amazon Prime. A little sweet, a little steamy, and perfect with a glass of Fissata. Don’t forget that the theme of the night is cheese—cheesy love stories and cheesy snacks. We recommend designing a grazing board filled with different cheese, fruits, crackers and chocolate. Fissata pairs best with blue cheese, feta, and Swiss.

Virtual Wine Tasting Together

We all miss long chats with mom and giggle fests with friends. If you’re longing to connect but can’t safely be together, try a virtual wine tasting with a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide. Send everyone a bottle of Fissata and then tune in as your Wine Guide takes you through the four steps of wine tasting, how to pair wine with food, and shares some fun wine wisdom with you and your friends and family. You will make a new memory that might just become a tradition! Book your wine tasting today.

There’s always room for Fissata Sweet Red. We thank you for making her a part of your special moments in February and throughout the year. If you take us up on some Fissata fun, be sure and tag us in your social media posts @travelingvineyard on Instagram! Cheers!

Featured photo by Katie LaFreniere

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