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10 Years of Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard has been uncomplicating wine—and having a blast with you—since 2010. That’s right! Ten years. We’re so excited to celebrate our milestone 10th birthday with you this month. In fact, we’re feeling quite nostalgic, so the team at world headquarters took a little trip down memory lane and here are the moments that we will never forget!

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  • Traveling Vineyard is born when Chief Grape Stomper Rick Libby buys the company and changes the name from “The Traveling Vineyard” to “Traveling Vineyard.” With that change, came a paradigm shift, putting Wine Guides first, always. Listen to Rick share the story on our YouTube channel.


  • Traveling Vineyard rewards our top three wine consultants with our first LUXX Getaway. We travel to Cancun, Mexico.
  • Our wine lovers were crazy for our Italians wines, Pedretti Pinot Grigio and Sacco Dolcetto D’Alba.
Three of our original Wine Guides travel to Cancun for our first LUXX Getaway in 2011.


  • We gather for our first Harvest Conference for Wine Guides in our hometown of Boston.
  • We launch Sommology, the simple science of food and wine, to provide our customers an easy way to understand wine pairing at home and easy access via a scannable QR code on every bottle.


  • We grow to 1,000 Wine Guides for the first time.
  • We release charity wine Rayado Cabernet Sauvignon to benefit Living Beyond Breast Cancer in honor of a special member of our own Wine Guide community, and the many since who have been impacted by breast cancer. The Rayado label has allowed us to donate $106,358 to Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s important work supporting patients, survivors, and families.


  • We unveil a brand makeover to reveal our “hip, fun, and sassy” personality.
  • We launch a new Fissata label to dress up our customer favorite sweet, fizzy, and fun red dessert wine.
  • Our April Fool’s Day Join Promo attracts 300 Wine Guides in a single day.

It’s been so much fun to look back on 10 years and see how much our brand has evolved. We started with a goal to be ‘hip, fun and sassy,’ and while the essence of that exists today, we matured into a beautiful, authentic brand that captures the ‘real’ in everything we do. A brand that is all grown up and that our Wine Guides can be really proud of.

Christine Bondola | Director of Marketing | 10 Year Traveling Vineyard Veteran


  • We launch charity wine Bella Mente Pinot Grigio to benefit The American Brain Tumor Association. The Bella Mente label has since allowed Traveling Vineyard to donate $110,075 to assist in research grants, education, fellowships, and more.
  • We welcome Leslie Sbrocco to the Traveling Vineyard family as our first celebrity speaker at Harvest.
  • America’s first Master Sommelier, Eddie Osterland, joins the team as our wine expert, helping us to enhance Sommology.
  • WinedUp at Harvest is a big hit with our first theme, “Dress as Your Favorite Wine!”

The Spirit of the Vineyard awards at Harvest always get to me. I love to see that moment where someone is rewarded for not having the highest or best but just because their attitude and actions speak for their character.

Tim Wrightington | Director of Digital


  • Traveling Vineyard goes high-tech with the launch of our Awesomm app for Wine Guides to help them manage their businesses on the go via iPhone or tablet (and now Android!).
  • Thrive Rewards are added to the Wine Guide incentive program, allowing wine consultants to be paid “twice” with retail credits they can spend in a specially designed online retail store featuring luxury brands, home goods, travel and hotel vouchers, and more.
  • We travel to Denver for our Harvest Conference for Wine Guides.
  • We welcome Wine Guides in Pennsylvania—and the greatest one-month surge in new Wine Guides ever! Thank you, Pennsylvania Wine Guides!


Sheryl Libby, the Chief’s Chief, shares her 10th birthday memories of Traveling Vineyard.


  • Harvest happens Vegas style! We take to the Zappos Theater stage at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas with over 700 Wine Guides in attendance, welcoming Jon Acuff and Rachel Hollis as our keynote speakers.
  • We travel with our top leaders to Chile for leadership and learning.
  • We launch a simplified, streamlined career plan for Wine Guides to put Wine Guides in the driver’s seat of their own success, along with the launch of our 100-Day Fast Start program.
  • We launch a recipe finder to enhance Sommology.

Harvest Las Vegas at the Zappos Theater was special for me. I will always remember when those doors opened and our Wine Guides came running in all the doors and down the steps to their seats. I looked at Richard and I just said, ‘Wow, this is going to be great!’

Sheryl Libby | The Chief’s Chief



  • We launch the Virtual Wine Guide opportunity for those seeking a remote work-from-home opportunity to market wine online.
  • We launch Sip Kits, an easy way to experience a wine tasting from home, guided by Leslie Sbrocco.
  • We host our first Virtual Harvest with more than 1,100 Wine Guides tuning in from 39 states.
  • We introduce our Social Ambassador program featuring 12 Wine Guide influencers, powered by talent, passion, and wine.
  • We release VayCay Authentic Sangria, an instant best seller.
  • We hit 50K followers on Facebook.

Thank you so much to every one of our wine lovers for joining us on this journey, and cheers to many more years of wine, laughter, memories, and togetherness. Follow the birthday fun and special offers this weekend on Facebook and Instagram. #happy10TV

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