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10 Classic Halloween Movies Paired with Wine

Eat, drink and get spooky, wine lovers. We’ve paired 10 classic Halloween movies with wine! From horror to humor, we’ve got the boos you should choose.

The Great Pumpkin

No matter how many times we watch this classic, we still hold out hope that the Great Pumpkin will show up in the pumpkin patch … and Charlie Brown will get real candy at trick-or-treat (instead of rocks, which by the way would totally not fly today). The Great Pumpkin is a Halloween tradition we can’t live without. You know what else we can’t live without? Cabernet Sauvignon. This full-bodied red with its black fruit and earthiness will take you from dinner to dessert … we recommend Junior Mints.


Bustin’ makes us feel good. And so does Zinfandel—because it’s known for having a higher alcohol content than other varietals. Enjoy a zippy, juicy Zin as you watch Egon, Peter, Ray and Winston turn the giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man into fluff and save New York City from the evil Gozer. Pair with s’mores for the complete experience.

We came. We saw. We kicked its a**.

Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters


The call is coming from inside the house. Choose a quintessential house wine for your annual viewing of Scream. Our pick? Chardonnay. Pair with buttered popcorn and be sure to keep the bottle close by for refills—because Randy’s third rule for surviving a horror movie is to never say, “I’ll be right back.”


The haunting theme music for Halloween has a powerful Pavlovian effect: instant chills. That’s how scary this movie is. Cook up a batch of stovetop mulled wine to keep you warm and safe. Malbec is a perfect choice. It’s big and bold and plays nicely with even the darkest chocolate.

Was that the boogeyman?

Laurie Strode, Halloween

Hocus Pocus

Amuck! Amuck! Amuck! Honor the sacred sisterhood of the witches Sanderson, and enjoy a wine from the Pinot grape family—Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio are both versatile enough to pair with most movie snacks. But, Pinot Noir paired with M&Ms will surely put a spell on you.


High school student Carrie White is ostracized by her peers in this film … just like Merlot was totally victimized by Paul Giamatti’s character, Miles, in the film Sideways: “… if anyone orders Merlot, I’m leaving. I am not drinking any Merlot!” After this seemingly harmless line, sales of Merlot took a dive. Unlike Carrie White, Merlot regained its reputation without a murderous rampage. Our choice for this film has to be Merlot, which happens to pair well with pulled pork sandwiches. Just sayin’.

The Exorcist

The wine you choose to pair with The Exorcist should be a real head-turner. After all, this story is based on the classic battle between good and evil (and a girl who can legit turn her head 360 degrees). How about a little fire and ice action with our sparkly Fissata Red and our Pajama Drama Malvasia Bianca. Both are sweet, but at varying levels (Fissata Red is sweeter!). Put them to the test and find out which wine comes out on top—red or white? Pair with something sweet for good measure, like vanilla ice cream.

Someone very close to me is probably possessed and needs an exorcism. Father Karras, it’s my little girl.

Chris MacNeil, The Exorcist

The Blair Witch Project

The success of this film is attributed to its documentary style. Watching it feels like having a fight-or-flight response that lasts for an hour and 45 minutes. The right wine, however, will help calm your nerves. Our pick is a reliably delish Riesling. Pair with a spicy dish that will help your taste buds keep pace with the film and complement the sweetness of Riesling, like a cauldron of spicy chili.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Halloween and Christmas collide into a full-blown catastrophe in The Nightmare Before Christmas. So our choice is a California white blend to balance the chaos. Our favorite blend of the moment combines sweet and dry white wine grapes, making it food-friendly and fun-friendly, especially for jack-o-lantern carving.

There’s children throwing snowballs, instead of throwing heads, they’re busy building toys and absolutely no one’s dead.

Jack Skellington, Nightmare Before Christmas

The Shining

Daddy’s home, and he seems like he could use a drink. The Shining is a spine-tingling masterpiece about an author’s slow descent into madness, and it’s a must for Halloween. Pair with Syrah, a red wine that’s darker than most and surprisingly complex. Add bourbon as a nod to Jack’s drink of choice, along with simple syrup and a twist of lemon, for a wine cocktail that shines. Add 4 oz. of bourbon to an 8-oz. wine pour.

Ready to turn down the lights, and turn up the frights with a classic Halloween movie and wine? Hey, at least you know your wine will be anything but scary. Be sure and share your favorite Halloween flick with us on Facebook!

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